16 of the Most Annoying Dog Breeds

While this is a website that celebrates dog ownership and finds value in any dog breed,  We’ve made this list of some of the most difficult dogs to own for one reason or another.  They’re not bad dogs, they’re just dogs that can be annoying to deal with on a daily basis.

Certain dog breeds can display annoying behaviors that can range from excessive barking to destructive chewing. 

Smaller dogs are particularly prone to vocalizing, which can become bothersome if they bark or yip too often. Many larger breeds have been bred to herd livestock and as a result, may be more likely to chase children or other animals around the house.

1. Chihuahua (Barking, Neurotic, Crazy)

These small dogs bark like crazy, have way too much attitude, and love to jump on people’s laps uninvited.  They’re 20 pounds of crazy in a five-pound bag.  They truly are an annoying dog to own.

2. Beagle (A Howling Walking Nose)

They love to howl, shed lots of fur all over your house, and are constantly sniffing around for food, which they can find everywhere, thanks to their super smell ability.

3. Bulldog (Super Drool Machine)

They look mean but are really just big softies, they pant and drool a lot so you’ll need extra cleaning supplies, and they snore louder than a jackhammer!

4. Dachshund

You’ll have no shortage of jokes in the office with these short-legged goofballs running around your house, they’re stubborn as heck so good luck getting them to do anything, and those tail wags never stop!

5. Cocker Spaniel 

The friendly furballs may be cute but they require more grooming than most other dogs which can get expensive quickly if you don’t keep up with it. Plus they’ll bark at anything that moves (including your own shadow!).

6. Pug (Slobber Goblins)

 If you don’t like slobber then this breed isn’t for you – because these smush-faced cuties don’t hold back when it comes to drippy kisses! Plus they snore almost as loud as bulldogs and tend to suffer from breathing issues due to their squashed faces.

7. German Shepherd (Evil Geniuses)

The loyal guardians of the home may seem intimidating, but they need plenty of exercise or else their energy gets out of control fas.

Whiile they need lots of exercise to keep them from getting into trouble.  That being said, we’d admit that when properly trained, it’s hard to find a more useful dog.

8. Labrador Retriever (Nonstop Hair Drop)

The gentle giants love to get into all sorts of trouble; from chewing furniture to eating socks (which don’t digest well). Plus their shedding goes from moderate to extreme depending on the season so consider yourself warned!

Here’s more on why labradors may be the worst dogs ever.

9. American Pit Bull Terrier

Due to their strength and size, can be quite difficult to manage when they become excited or aggressive. This can lead to destructive behaviors such as chewing on furniture or digging up gardens. 

10. Golden Retriever

When most people think ‘family pet’ this breed is usually one of the first that comes up – which makes sense given its kind nature, but these retrievers also need plenty of exercise and attention or else things can get out of hand quickly (and not in a good way).

11. Yorkshire Terrier

Despite its diminutive size, this terrier packs quite the punch when it comes to attitude; always full of vinegar yet still loves nothing more than a snuggle session with its owners or anyone else who pays them enough attention!

12. Shih Tzu (One of the Naughtiest Dog Breeds)

Don’t be fooled by this little lap dog’s cuteness – underneath its small stature lies a feisty spirit that requires constant human attention or else it tends to act up something fierce; not fun for anyone involved (especially the poor Shih Tzu).

13. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog that is known for its thick fur and inherent stubbornness. While the breed is loyal, friendly and protective, they may also display aggressive behavior toward strangers or other animals.

14. Siberian Husky

These beauties may look peaceful but put away any thoughts of quiet evenings by the fire with one; huskies were bred for hauling heavy loads through snowdrifts so having one in an urban environment without access to wide expanses can spell disaster!

15. French Bulldog

These guys are super cute however once inside your home prepare for nonstop drool parties at regular intervals throughout the day plus never-ending demands for belly scratches.

16. Schnauzer (and Miniature Schnauzer)

Miniature Schnauzers are often very vocal, which can quickly become annoying if they bark or yip excessively. When excited, they can become quite energetic, which may lead to destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture or digging holes. Some dog owners think that the Miniature Schnauzer is the worst dog ever.