A Guide to the Warlock Doberman

There are several varieties of Doberman, including the Doberman pinscher, American Doberman, and European Doberman. You may also have heard of a dog called the warlock Doberman or king Doberman. If you’re wondering what a Warlock Doberman is, read on. This article will give you a history of the Doberman breed.

If you’re thinking of getting a Doberman, you may be considering which variety is best for you. Doberman are one of the most popular dog breeds as they are loyal and make excellent guard dogs.


What is a Warlock Doberman


Warlock Doberman Myth

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Doberman, you may have come across the Warlock Doberman. In fact, the Worlock Doberman is a myth, and some breeders claim that their dogs are Warlock or king Doberman to try and get a higher price for the puppies. Warlock Dobermans are supposed to be purebred American Dobermans that come from the Warlock bloodline. Be wary of any breeder selling warlock Doberman’s, especially if they are charging higher prices.

In the 1960s, there was a Doberman called Ch. Borong the Warlock. He was used for breeding lots of puppies and became famous at the time as his puppies were always strong, powerful, and healthy. Twenty five of the puppies he fathered went on to become American Kennel Club champions. Warlocks mother and father were both also champion dogs.

At the time, reputable breeders that used the Warlock bloodline were selling pedigree puppies and advertising them as Warlock Doberman. The phrase was then used by other breeders and became synonymous with good Dobermans. Nowadays, breeders who say they are breeding the Warlock bloodlines are often frauds, and a warlock Doberman isn’t any better than any other pedigree Doberman.

Warlock Doberman Myth


Be Wary of Warlock Doberman “Breeders”

If you’re looking for a professional Doberman breeders, avoid anyone who used Warlock in their advertising. During the 1980s, Dobermans increased in popularity and became America’s second favorite dog. During this time, breeders started to produce oversized dogs that were powerful and often used as guard dogs. These dogs became known as “Warlock Dobermans.” Often this type of Doberman wasn’t pure breed as their size was increased by breeding a Doberman with a Great Dane or a Rottweiler.

Nowadays, Non-professional breeders continue to use ‘warlock’ in their terminology, and an urban myth has been created. Many breeders have created a very strong brand, which has helped them sell their Dobermans for a premium price. If a breeder claims that their puppies are relatives of Ch. Borong the Warlock, the puppies may seem more desirable due to Warlocks extensive show and obedience titles. Nowadays, generation of puppies have been bred, and Warlock is an effective marketing tool.


The Doberman

Dobermans are generally considered to be scary, powerful dogs that have a ‘killer look’ and are likely to become aggressive. They were initially bred to be guard dogs are used in the police and military.

Although Doberman has a slightly bad reputation, some think they are misunderstood dogs that can be sweet and gentle. They are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide.

Dobermans are very energetic dogs, and they need to get enough exercise. They are best suited to an active family with a yard. If these dogs aren’t exercised enough, they can become very irritable and may even become aggressive. Doberman puppies require enough socialization from a young age if they are to become friendly, well-behaved dogs. They are smart and need obedience training from a young age.

Doberman’s have long pointed ears and a long powerful muzzle. They are generally black and tan in color and have markings on their chest, legs, and muzzle. Dobermans come in other rarer color varieties and can be black, tan, grey, or white. Dobermans generally stand at between twenty four to twenty seven inches tall to the shoulder. The females are slightly smaller than the males.

Doberman are very intelligent dogs that are and loyal and protective of their owners. They do well as part of an active family, and they always look out for the Alpha. Therefore, it’s essential to have a firm hand when dealing with a Doberman, or they will think they are the top dog.


Doberman breed history

Dobermans were originally bred in the late 19th century by a tax collector and dog catcher in the town of Apolda in Germany. The breeder’s name was Louis Dobermann, which is where the dogs got their name. Louis Doberman worked as a tax collector and often had to travel through remote areas alone. After being attacked one too many times by bandits and being at threat from wild animals, he decided he needed a dog to protect him.

As a dog catcher, he had access to many varieties of dogs that he would impound. Many times the owners never came forward, and Louis Doberman would adopt large dogs for his own protection. After deciding that none of the dogs were powerful, agile, or scary-looking enough, he started breeding his own dogs.

The Doberman was created from large dog breeds. Louis Doberman never reviled exactly which dogs make up the Dobermans genetics, but it’s thought he used a mixture of Rottweiler, German Pinscher, and Black and Tan Terrier. There’s also likely to be some unknown breed in there as well.



Dobermans are strong, powerful dogs that were initially bred for protection. They later became useful Guard dogs for homes and commercial properties. Although Doberman can look scary, they are also loyal and affectionate dogs. The Warlock Doberman was named after a champion dog with the name Ch. Borong the Warlock, but this name has been used to describe a large Doberman or a good quality pedigree in more recent times. Some breeders will use the word ‘Warlock’ as a marketing strategy to try and get people to pay premium prices. If you’re looking to purchase a Doberman, be wary of breeders that claim their puppies come from the ‘warlock’ bloodline.