Are Labradors Dangerous? No, Here’s What You Should Know

Labradors are an excellent breed for any family looking for a loyal and loving companion. They have a great sense of humor, are highly intelligent, and can be easily trained.

Labradors form strong bonds with their owners and love to please them, making them the perfect furry addition to any home. They have a relaxed temprament, which makes them one of the least dangerous common dog breeds.

Labradors will bite, just like any other dog breed. Training and socialization are important for a Labrador puppy.

Every Dog is More Dangerous Than No Dog At All

Any dog breed can be dangerous, and any dog has the potential to cause harm. However, Labradors are not known for aggression or being overly-aggressive.

Labs are typically very friendly, gentle dogs that make great companions. That being said, any dog can benefit from obedience training and socialization from a young age.

You also get out of a dog what you put in. If you show aggression to a dog, it’ll learn to be aggressive. Ignore a dog and keep it chained up all day and it’ll increase the odds a dog will attack.

Are Labs Dangerous? (Not Compared to Other Dogs)

Labs aren’t dangerous

Labradors are not known for being particularly dangerous. They are generally considered to be loyal, loving, and good-natured dogs that make a great family dog.

The Labradors place as the most poplular dog breed in the United States is well deserved. This is largely due to their widely-known reputation as a gentle, friendly, and loving breed.

Are Labs Good With Kids?

Are Labradors Dangerous?

Labradors are typically very good with kids and make great family pets. They tend to be very patient and tolerant with children, which makes them great companions and playmates.

They are also intelligent dogs that can be taught basic obedience commands, making it easy to manage their behavior around kids.

One thing to keep in mind with toddlers and small children is that an excited Labrador, that’s showing no signs of aggression, can still knock a kid over when they’re playing.

If you do have small children, you may want to get a smaller dog if they’re going to spend a lot of time together indoors.

Labrador Temperament

Labrador Temperament

The Labrador Retriever is an active breed with lots of energy and enthusiasm. While they may bark or jump when excited, this type of behavior is generally only seen in younger dogs.

With proper training and socialization, Labradors can be taught to control their excitement around people and other animals. Furthermore, they are typically very outgoing and friendly with strangers, making them good family pets.

That being said, you should always looks for signs of aggression in a dog. I had a Labrador in the 90’s who was always relaxed, but got suddenly aggressive if it saw a stranger in a hat.

Who is a Labrador Good For?

Labs adapts to almost any situation rather easily, and make a great addition to any family. They make wonderful family pets and are known to form strong bonds with the people they love.

In addition, Labradors are intelligent dogs that learn quickly and respond well to obedience training. As such, they can be easily trained to perform basic commands and follow specific rules.

All in all, Labradors are an excellent breed for anyone looking for a devoted, loving companion. Labradors are not hypoallergenic and shed a LOT.

Be Wary of any Dog You Rescue

While Labradors are typically well-behaved and friendly, it is important to remember that any dog you rescue may have had a difficult past.

It is always best to get to know the animal before bringing them into your home. Consider enrolling in obedience classes with your new pet or having them evaluated by a professional trainer or behaviorist if you are bringing a Lab into a home with small children.

If you do have small children, be on the lookout for signs of aggression and don’t be afraid to try another dog. The rescue organization will understand that you are trying to find a dog that is a good fit for your home and family.

Labradors definitely are not the worst, and even a rescued pup will usually do fine, as long as it wasn’t abused.

Other Dog Breeds that Aren’t Dangerous

  • Golden Retriever: These medium-sized dogs are known for their gentle and loving nature, making them perfect family pets.
  • Poodle: This breed is highly intelligent, loyal and friendly with a great sense of humor – an all around winner!
  • Beagle: Smaller than the Labrador but just as active and energetic, these sweet companions make great playmates for children.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog: A big cuddly teddy bear of a dog that loves its people fiercely; they’re also very patient with kids so make good babysitters too.
  • Newfoundland: An excellent swimming partner due to their webbed feet; Newfoundlands have gentle temperaments which makes them good natured additions to any family home to a family with small children.