Are Corgis Smart? Unleashing the Truth About This Royal Breed’s Intelligence

Question Are Corgis Smart? Answer Yes, Corgis are considered to be very intelligent. More Info 1. Corgis rank highly in terms of dog intelligence, particularly in obedience and working intelligence (Stanley Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs”). 2. They are quick learners and can be trained to perform complex tasks, which is a trait from their … Read more

Are Corgis Aggressive? Understanding Their Temperament and Behavior

Corgi Temperament Traits   Get ready to dive into the world of Corgi temperament, where the sploots meet the zest for life! You’ll find Corgis to be outwardly friendly and vivacious, ready to greet you with enthusiasm that’s as big as their ears. Sociability: Your Corgi is a social butterfly. They adore being around their … Read more

What Happened to the Queen’s Corgis: The Royal Pups’ Lives Post-Monarchy

The Queen’s Corgis’ Legacy You’ve likely seen those adorable, short-legged furballs alongside the Queen in numerous photos. The Queen’s corgis weren’t just pets; they were a significant part of her public image and personal life. Their legacy is a tail-wagging tale of royalty and canine companionship. Your favorite royal corgi factoid might just be how … Read more

Are Corgis Herding Dogs: The Truth Behind Those Adorable Paws

Question Are Corgis Herding Dogs? Answer Yes, Corgis are herding dogs. More Info 1. Corgis, specifically the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, originated as cattle herding dogs in Pembrokeshire, Wales (Wikipedia). 2. They are known for their intelligence, high energy, and herding instinct, which makes them excel in canine events including herding competitions (Dogster). 3. Modern-day Corgis … Read more

How Long Do Pembroke Corgis Live? Insights into Their Lifespan & Health

Question How Long Do Pembroke Corgis Live? Answer Typically 12 to 15 Years More Info Pembroke Welsh Corgis generally have a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. Factors influencing their lifespan include: Genetics: Certain genetic conditions can affect their health and longevity. Diet and Exercise: Proper nutrition and regular exercise are crucial for maintaining … Read more

What Were Corgis Bred For? Uncovering the History of This Herding Powerhouse

Corgi Jumping

Question What Were Corgis Bred For? Answer Herding Livestock More Info Corgis, including both Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis, were originally bred for herding cattle and sheep. They are well-suited to this task due to their: Low Stature: Their short height allows them to nip at the heels of larger animals and dodge … Read more

Do Corgis Have Tails? Uncovering the Myths and Facts Behind Corgi Tails

Yes, Corgis Have Tails (With a Little Further Explanation) Question Do Corgis Have Tails? Answer Yes, But Often Docked More Info Corgis are naturally born with tails. The two main types of Corgis, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, differ in this aspect: Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Traditionally, their tails are docked to … Read more