Signs Your Dog Imprinted on You: Recognizing the Bond

Dog at womans feet on the road

Canine Imprinting 101 In the context of dogs, imprinting refers to a critical period during which a puppy forms attachments and develops its social behavior. Canine Imprinting Stage The Canine Imprinting Stage, usually occurring between 0 to 8 weeks of age, is when puppies are heavily influenced by their mother and littermates. During this time, … Read more

Stop Your Dog from Chewing Baseboards: Why + What to Do

Baseboard Damaged By Dog Causes

Why Dogs Chew Baseboards Reason for Chewing Solution to Correct Behavior Teething (in puppies) Provide appropriate chew toys; consider frozen treats to soothe gums. Boredom or Excess Energy Increase physical exercise and mental stimulation; engage in more interactive play. Anxiety or Stress Identify and address the source of stress; consider crate training or a safe … Read more

Dog Ignores Me All Day: Why + What to Do

Lonely dog lying on the floor

Table: Understanding Why Your Dog is Ignoring You Behavior Observed Possible Causes Suggested Actions Lack of Response to Name or Commands – Distraction – Poor training – Hearing problems – Minimize distractions – Reinforce training – Vet check for hearing Avoiding Eye Contact – Fear – Anxiety – Submissiveness – Build trust – Create a … Read more

Dog Eats the Armpit of My Shirts: Tips for Preventing and Fixing the Problem

Dog keeps eating the armpits out of my shirt

Question Dog Eats the Armpit of My Shirts: What Should I Do? Answer Address Behavior and Safety Concerns More Info 1. Obstruction Risk: Ingested fabric can cause gastrointestinal blockage. 2. Behavioral Causes: This behavior may be due to anxiety, boredom, or attraction to your scent. 3. Preventive Measures: Keep clothes out of reach and provide … Read more

Dog Eats Pantyhose: What to Do Next

Question Dog Eats Pantyhose: What Should I Do? Answer Monitor and Seek Veterinary Care More Info 1. Obstruction Risk: Pantyhose can cause a gastrointestinal blockage. 2. Monitor for Symptoms: Look for vomiting, difficulty defecating, loss of appetite, or distress. 3. Veterinary Consultation: Contact your veterinarian for advice, especially if symptoms develop. Potential Health Risks If … Read more

Dog Eats 3 Musketeers: What to Do Next

Question Dog Eats 3 Musketeers: What Should I Do? Answer Monitor and Seek Veterinary Care More Info 1. Assess Chocolate Amount: The risk depends on the dog’s size and chocolate quantity consumed. 2. Watch for Symptoms: Look for signs of chocolate toxicity like vomiting, diarrhea, or restlessness. 3. Contact Your Vet: Immediate consultation is crucial, … Read more