How to Paper Train a Dog: Simple Steps for Success

How to paper train a dog

Paper training is a practical and effective method of housebreaking a dog, especially for those who live in apartments or homes without easy access to the outdoors. This technique involves teaching the dog to eliminate on newspapers, puppy pads, or any designated indoor area. While it requires patience and consistency, it can help establish a … Read more

Dog Breeds

There are almost as many dog breeds as there are stars in the sky.  In fact, dogs are quicker to evolve new characteristics than almost any other animal.  There are many types of dogs.  They range from over a few pounds to over a hundred pounds.  In the United States, the group that officially recognizes … Read more

Petsmart Grooming Academy: A Great Career Path?

Should you tip petsmart groomer

PetSmart Grooming Academy stands as a notable institution for pet grooming certification and career establishment. It offers a structured training environment for individuals aspiring to become professional pet stylists. With a rigorous curriculum, the academy trains groomers with over 800 hours of hands-on experience, covering a wide range of skills from basic bathing to detailed … Read more

Should You Tip a Dog Groomer? A Tipping Guide

Tip Dog Groomer

Quick Answer: YES! Question Should You Tip a Dog Groomer? Answer Yes, if you’re satisfied with the service. Tipping Etiquette Standard Tip: It’s customary to tip dog groomers 15-20% of the service cost, reflecting satisfaction with their work. Frequency of Service: Regular clients often tip at each visit to maintain a good relationship with the … Read more