Best English Bulldog Puppy Food

There are many proper answers when it comes to what the best English Bulldog puppy food would really be.  There is no perfect answer.  Instead, we will cover the criteria for what good puppy food looks like.

Personally, whenever I look at food I prefer something that is produced in the United States.  You may have read something about dog and puppy food made in China.  There have been recalls done on this food because it was hurting and even killing our pooches.  Always be on the lookout for food that has been recalled.  Here is a good list that is updated regularly from

Look out for foods that contain a ton of corn!  Corn is the cheapest possible thing that manufacturers put into food thanks to farm subsidies.  When you see that corn is being touted as the number one ingredient, than you know that you are looking at a food that is probably not going to be the best for your dog.

Best English Bulldog Puppy Food

How Much Puppy Food does an English Bulldog Need?


English Bulldog puppies have a tremendous appetite.  It’s important to know exactly how much puppy food is to much for their tiny bellies.  According to Better Bully you’ll want to give them between 20-70 calories per pound of body weight.  If you think that’s a wide range I would certainly agree with you.  Try starting towards the top of the range and work down if you feel like your little guy is putting on to much weight.  English Bulldogs are very much prone to putting on weight, so you really need to keep a watchful eye on your new puppy.


Stick with the Diet

You can give your puppy a perfectly portioned meal every single day, but if you are sliding sliding him table scraps all of the time you are going to completely ruin his pallet and he is going to become a mooch monster.  Yes, it is fun to give him people food.

Make sure that when you bring him or her home from the breeder (or wherever you got them from) that you get a bag of the exact food that they have now.  Also be sure that they tell you where to find it.  If that food is not sold where you live you’ll need wean them off of it.  Do this by slowly changing the percentage of new food that you put in the doggie bowl.  At first maybe do a 10% tops and than move up another 10% every three or so days.  This has always worked for me.  If you shock their system you are going to be cleaning up some explosive accidents.  Solid stool is a lot easier to deal with than liquid.  If there is one thing that you take from this article please take this.

In the end, the best English Bulldog puppy food is the one that they came with.  Let them settle in your home without changing up their diet if you can.  When you begin to get them used to your home, than it is ok to change it up.