Best Toy for Golden Retriever: Toy Guide

Golden retrievers are playful, affectionate dogs that are faithful and intelligent. They are best suited to an active family as they have high energy levels and are social in their nature.  This guide will help you find the best toy for a Golden Retriever.

Many Golden Retrievers retain their fun-loving, boisterous, and outgoing puppy behavior. Whether you’ve just welcomed your new golden retriever puppy home or have an older dog, it’s important that this breed plays and exercises daily.

Golden Retrievers also have very advanced mouth control, which means that they can interact with toys and pick up objects gently and with precision. If you own a Golden Retriever, you need to ensure your pet stays healthy and active.

There are many toys available on Amazon which are perfect for Golden Retrievers and other large active breeds. Golden Retrievers need at least two thirty minutes walks a day and plenty of playtime in between.


The Best Toy for Golden Retriever

The best toys for Golden Retrievers are those that encourage your dog to run around and become more active. As they are a large breed, bigger toys such as frisbees that you can play fetch with are excellent. It won’t be difficult to find a toy for your pet as the breed is generally happy with anything you give them, as they are naturally playful, even when fully grown. Here are some of the best Golden Retriever toys from Amazon.


Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

The wobble wag giggle ball is loved by dogs worldwide and has been featured on TV. It’s the perfect toy for large dogs such as Golden Retrievers as it’s a large ball that your pet can pick up and roll around with his nose. This ball creates a fun game that helps you bond with your pet and promotes the development of motor skills. Your dog will have to use both his paws and nose to interact with the ball.

The wobble wag giggle ball has indentations on the surface, which allows your dog to pick it up. As Golden Retrievers have advanced mouth control, this is the perfect toy for the breed and will help younger dogs to develop their skills.

The ball is also very entertaining for owners, particularly children, as it makes a giggling noise as it moves around. The noise will also be interesting to your dog and encourage interaction. This toy is versatile as it can be used during family playtime but will also be appealing to your dog while he is playing independently.



  • Interactive
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Develops motor skills
  • Great for puppies and adult dogs


  • As the ball is quite large, some breeds of dogs may have a problem picking it up. If you have Golden Retriever, this isn’t likely to be an issue.


KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

KONG - Goodie Bone and Flyer - Durable Rubber Chew Bone and Flying Disc - for Small Dogs
KONG - Goodie Bone and Flyer - Durable Rubber Chew Bone and Flying Disc - for Small Dogs
Soft Catch: The natural rubber makes for a softer, forgiving catch during fetch
$20.98 Amazon Prime

Golden Retrievers love to run around and play fetch. They will enjoy playing with the KONG classic frisbee, which is made from a soft rubber, that’s designed to be durable and gentle on your pets’ teeth. The size of this frisbee is perfect for a golden retriever, and your pet will love running around and jumping to catch the frisbee.

This Frisbee is very easy to throw, and it can travel a long way, which will help keep your dog active.



  • Easy to throw
  • Helps keep your pet active
  • Made from soft rubber
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • If your dogs a chewer, it might not last too long


Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Toy for Dogs

The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel toy is made using a durable multilayer construction. It’s easy to throw due to its aerodynamic design, and the toy flies and glides. The toy has soft, reinforced corners that make it durable, easy for your dog to catch, and prevent injuries.

This toy can also be used to play in the water as it floats and is also glow in the dark for nighttime play.



  • Has soft corners to prevent injury
  • Waterproof
  • Glows in the dark
  • Available in three sizes
  • Flies and glides
  • Encourages dogs to be more active


  • Could be easily destroyed by a dog who likes to chew.


Trixie Mad Scientist for Dogs

Golden retrievers are very smart dogs, and as well as being kept physically active, they must be mentally stimulated. One way of keeping your dog active and entertained is with a puzzle type toy such as the Trixie Mad scientist, which is available in two difficulty levels.

This toy is interactive, fun, and challenging for your pet. Your golden retriever will have to solve the puzzle by figuring out how to flip the beakers to get to the treats.


  • The toys an excellent size for a Golden Retriever
  • Keeps your pet busy when you’re not at home
  • Interactive
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Great for Golden Retrievers as they are often motivated by food


  • Some dogs will solve the puzzle very quickly; others will chew it


Nylabone Double Bone Power Chew Long-Lasting Dog Toy

Nylabone Power Chew Double Bone Long Lasting Chew Toy for Dogs X-Large - 50+ lbs.
Nylabone Power Chew Double Bone Long Lasting Chew Toy for Dogs X-Large - 50+ lbs.
X-LARGE CHEW TOY FOR POWER CHEWERS - Designed for dogs 50 pounds and up
$19.80 Amazon Prime

This toy is durable and great for Golden Retrievers who like to chew. Most dogs love the bacon flavor of this toy. This toy is also a great option if you own a dog that gets anxious and likes to chew. It also stops puppies and younger dogs from chewing on things they’re not supposed to. The toy also promotes good dental health and is available in X-large size, which is excellent for golden retrievers.



  • Promotes dental health
  • Available in X-large
  • Durable
  • Bacon flavor
  • Stops dogs chewing things they shouldn’t


  • Not much to complain about with this toy


Golden Retriever Toy Buying Guide

Golden retrievers are popular dogs as they are playful throughout their lives. They enjoy most toys and particularly like frisbees and balls, which allow them to run about and play fetch. Playing with your Golden Retriever daily will allow the two of you to bond and interact.

Golden Retrievers also like interactive and puzzle toys, as they are smart and able to solve puzzles. It’s good to get your Golden Retriever a toy that he can chew as this will help soothe him if he’s alone. Here are some toys that Golden Retrievers will love.


Toys That Encourage Activity

Golden Retrievers were originally bred to hunt and fetch games. For this reason, they love playing fetch. They are an active breed that needs to run daily to burn off energy. It’s a good idea to buy your dog toys that will encourage him to become more active. This will help make exercising fun and enjoyable. Golden Retrievers like playing with frisbees, balls, and tug toys.


Treat-Dispensing Toys

Interactive, problem-solving toys that dispense treat are great for Golden Retrievers as they are motivated by food. It’s important not to give this breed too many treats as they can become obsessed.

Golden Retrievers are smart and will enjoy figuring out how to access the treats. Treat dispensing toys are not only fun and intriguing; they’re also an excellent way to keep your pet busy while you’re not at home or on a rainy day.


Training Toys

Golden retriever puppies like to chew, so they should be given a toy to stop them from chewing things they shouldn’t. Training toys can help your puppy while teething. Chewing is also a good way for dogs to relieve anxiety.


Conclusion:  Top Toy for Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a very playful breed that should be kept active. They like to discover new games regularly. Choosing a new toys will help keep your pet active and mentally stimulated.

When choosing a toy for a Golden Retriever, you should pay attention to what size the toy is. Puppies need smaller toys than fully grown adults. Golden retrievers are very active, and playing will ensure your dog gets all the exercise he needs. Look for a toy that you can use to play fetch.

Many Golden Retrievers love the water, so you might choose to look for a waterproof toy. This will encourage your dog to swim and run, which is beneficial to dogs with joint problems. Golden retrievers are also food-motivated and enjoy solving puzzles. An interactive toy that dispenses treats is an excellent choice for indoor play.

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