Can dogs eat almonds?

People love almonds.  They are a superfood that are chocked full of nutritional benefits for humans.  Almonds have the best type of fat, and can provide an energy boost when you are feeling sluggish.    With all these benefits, more and more people have been wondering can dogs eat almonds?


While humans have no problems digesting almonds, dogs have a bit of a problem dealing with them.  They tend to get an upset stomach.  Substitute giving your dog almonds with one of these other nuts that they can digest more easily.


  • Peanuts–  The best nut to give a dog period.
  • Hazelnuts–  An acceptable nut to give a dog.



Dogs are really temped by almonds, particularly the salted or smoked varieties.

Can dogs eat almonds

Can dogs eat almond butter?

It is better to steer clear of almond butter as well.  A good substitute would be plain old fashioned peanut butter.  PB is easier to find and usually cheaper than almond butter anyway.


Do be aware that although it is considerably less common than with a human, dogs can develop peanut allergies.  That’s why it is a good idea to introduce peanut butter to them slowly.  Work up every day or two from a fingers worth, than a spoons worth, after that you should be able to pull the trigger.


Just to recap:  Your dog should not be eating almond butter.



My dog ate almonds, is it ok?


Your four legged friend will certainly survive if you feed them almond butter or regular almonds.  They may feel a little bad for a day or two.  It’s a good idea to give them plenty of bathroom breaks and expect a change in stool consistency.


Unless your dog is really feeling terrible after eating almonds, it is usually not necessary to take them to the veterinarian.  You know your dog better than we do though.  If you feel that something just isn’t right, listen to your gut.  It’s usually going to be right.



There are worse nuts you can give your dog than almonds


While almonds have been know to cause your dog an upset tummy, there are nuts out there that can cause them much worse harm.


  • Pecans–  These nuts are incompatible enough with a dogs digestive system to cause an obstruction.
  • Cashews–  These nuts really aren’t that bad for a dog, but they are on the naughty list because they can cause an upset stomach.  They would be on the nice list if it wasn’t for the fact that they can cause serious problems in their raw form.  They contain a toxin that must be cooked out.
  • Pistachios–  These high fat nuts can cause your dog to have stomach problems relatively quick.
  • Macadamia-  These super high fat (and super delicious) nuts can cause your dog to develop pancreatic problems, as well as nerve issues.  Avoid it over al the  other nuts on this list.
  • Walnuts–  These nuts contain a toxin that can cause a dog to develop seizures.



Wrapping up, can dogs eat almonds?


Although you shouldn’t give your dog almonds, it’s really not a big deal if your dog ends up sneaking one form your plate.  Don’t panic.  Your dog should be fine.


Can dogs eat Almonds as a treat?  No, almonds are not an acceptable treat.  Try peanuts instead.  Also, if you do end up giving them peanuts, try to avoid the honey roasted and dry roasted varieties.  At least avoid the ones that contain a lot of sugar and salt.  In fact the only ingredients on the nutrition label should be peanuts.  They are a treat enough by themselves.