Can Dogs Eat Chicken Salad with Onions?

If you’re enjoying a nice chicken salad with onions for lunch, your dog may be starring at you pleadingly. Perhaps you’ve left your salad for two seconds while you run to answer the phone, and your dog has stolen some. Can dogs eat chicken salad with onions?

While dogs can enjoy the main ingredient of chicken salad, your meal is also likely to contain things that your pet should avoid. There are many different varieties of chicken salad, and most are likely to contain ingredients such as mayonnaise or salad dressing, which dogs shouldn’t eat. You should also be aware that onion is toxic to dogs and can prove to be fatal, even in small amounts.

can dogs eat chicken salad with onions

This article will answer the question, ‘can dogs eat chicken salad with onions?’ We’ll tell you why it’s best to avoid giving your pet chicken salad that contains onions.


What should I do if my dog has stolen some chicken salad with onions?

It’s probably not a good idea to give your dog any type of chicken salad, especially if it contains onion. Onions are very toxic to dogs and can cause stomach problems and, in the worse cases, may prove to be fatal. If your dog has accidentally eaten onions, you should consult your vet for advice. Onions contain a compound that damages dogs’ red blood cells and can cause anemia.

If your dog has eaten onion, even in small amounts, you should look out for the following symptoms. Your dog may seem lethargic and suffer from muscle weakness as well as a lack of coordination. In severe cases, your pet will have pale gums and an increased heart rate or respiratory problems. Vomiting and diarrhea are common in dogs that have eaten onions.

Even if the salad doesn’t contain onions, it’s best not to give leftovers to your dog. Chicken salad is likely to contain salad dressings that will have ingredients such as salt, garlic, or onion powder, which are toxic to dogs. Salt poisoning is a severe problem for dogs.

Mayonnaise is another common ingredient of chicken salad, and this isn’t suitable for dogs as it contains salt, seasonings, and preservatives that dogs should avoid. It is also fattening and unhealthy for your pet.

It’s best to avoid any type of pre-packed chicken salad as these contain many ingredients that should be avoided by dogs. But what if you’ve made your own fresh chicken salad? In this case, you may be able to give your dog a little chicken as long as it’s been plainly cooked and hasn’t been cooked with salt, seasonings, or oil. Chicken is a lean meat that provides many nutritional benefits to dogs.


Conclusion:  Don’t Give it to Your Dog

While chicken is an excellent source of protein for dogs and is full of essential vitamins and minerals, it’s best not to give your dog any type of chicken salad. Chicken salad with onions should be avoided as onions are toxic to dogs. It’s best to stick to the dog food or give your dog a little plain chicken as a treat, rather than feeding your dog chicken salad.

If your dog has accidentally eaten chicken salad with onions, you should call your vet as the onion is toxic to dogs.