Can Dogs Eat Chicken Wings? (Yes, Avoid the Bones)

You may have heard that you should never give chicken bones to dogs. While there is some truth in this, dogs are actually quite capable of chewing through chicken bones as long as they haven’t been cooked. Dogs can eat raw chicken wings, and these are very beneficial for their health. They will also help to clean your dog’s teeth.

This article will answer the question, ‘can dogs eat chicken wings?’ and will tell you about the benefits of adding chicken wings to your pet’s diet.  Make sure to talk to your vet before changing your dogs diet


Can I give my dog chicken wings?

Can I give my dog chicken wings

Raw chicken wings are suitable for dogs; they can easily chew through raw chicken bones as they have powerful jaws. Chicken has relatively soft bones as long as they aren’t cooked. Never give your pet cooked chicken that contains bones as they can splinter and cause injury or present a choking hazard.

Chicken is a very healthy choice for dogs as it’s a lean protein that will help them have plenty of energy to run around all day. Many pet owners are considering switching their dog to a raw diet, which is more natural and similar to what wolves would eat.

You can give your dog chicken wings as a treat or regularly as part of a main meal. Chicken wings are very healthy and is also a great way to clean a dog’s teeth. Chewing on a chicken wing can help to remove plaque and tartar, which may have built up on your dog’s teeth, and can also help freshen their breath.


Guidelines for feeding chicken wings to dogs

can dogs eat raw chicken wings

There are, however, some guidelines you should follow when giving your dog chicken wings or other raw chicken.

You should be aware that there is a risk of bacterial infection when feeding raw chicken to dogs. Some chicken may contain salmonella, which can make dogs sick. It may therefore be best to give your dog cooked chicken. Dogs’ stomachs are stronger than humans and can provide more protection from bacteria.

It would be best if you never gave your dog cooked chicken wings as these contain bones that, when cooked, can cause injury to dogs. When a dog eats a cooked chicken bone, it’s at risk of shattering, which can cause internal injury, cut gums, and could even be a choking hazard.

Never give puppies raw chicken as their digestive system may not be able to deal with it. Puppies will also still have their milk teeth and will find chewing bones tricky. It’s also best to avoid giving raw chicken that contains bones to an older dog. As dog’s age, their teeth will weaken and be prone to damage when chewing on bones. Small breeds of dogs should also completely avoid eating bones as they could pose a choking hazard.

Don’t give a whole chicken carcass to your dog as this is unsafe. Instead, choose a small piece of raw meat to give to your pet as a treat. Ensure that the chicken is fresh and isn’t out of date.   Dogs can eat chicken necks, chicken necks, and chicken feet as well.  It’s also a good idea to rinse raw chicken before giving it to your pet.


The health benefits of chicken wings

It’s safe to feed your dog chicken wings in small amounts (without the bone). Providing a chicken wing as a treat occasionally is a good idea. Chicken is high in vitamin A and B and can help improve the condition of your pets’ fur and skin. It also contains omega three fatty acids.

It’s generally recommended that you only feed your dog about 2% of their body weight in raw meat. It’s not safe to give your dog too much raw chicken. You may also like to consult your vet for more advice about adding chicken wings or any other raw meat to your pet’s diet.



As you can see, you can give your dog some raw chicken wings from time to time. Chicken wings contain small bones that are relatively soft and can be chewed by most dogs. Chicken wings are great as they help to clean your dog’s teeth.

It’s best not to give puppies and older dogs and raw chicken that contains bones as this could damage their teeth. You should never give cooked chicken that contains bones to dogs or any other animal.