Can Dogs Eat Cooked Cabbage and Sauerkraut?

There is a high chance that Fido always smacks his lips as you are cutting cabbage to prepare for the rest of the family. Do not be quick to automatically think that the vegetables are not fit for consumption by your favorite pet.

Note that the canines do not only need bones, meat, and water, as their meals need to be well-balanced at all times. In regards to vegetables, they should make less than 25% of the food that your pet consumes because the canines are naturally carnivorous. Below you will get detailed answers to the question; can dogs eat cooked cabbage?


Well, can dogs eat cooked cabbage?


Can dogs eat cabbage


YES! Many dogs love the cabbages. Worth noting is that all kinds of cabbage are safe for the mutts providing them with excellent nutrients and vitamins. Eating the vegetable is quite beneficial to the pets as it:

• Aids in digestion thanks to its high fiber content.
• Helps to fight cancers because some of its components enhance enzyme production that prevents the growth of cancerous tumors.
• Promotes growth of healthy and beautiful skin making it excellent for the pets that have dry or rough skin. It also offers a natural solution for the dogs suffering from skin irritation.
• Excellent source of vitamins such as B1, B6, C, and K and minerals like copper, manganese, and potassium.
• Is a natural antioxidant that helps to fight against free radicals which work overtime to harm your dog’s body.


Caution To Take When Feeding the Dog With the Green Leafy Vegetable

While feeding your beloved dog cabbage is a great idea, remember it is also known to cause gas in some pets. Others can experience flatulence, belly ache, or watery stool. Because of this, allow your dog only to consume a very minimal amount of cabbage for starters.

For instance, you can sprinkle chopped up cabbage in the dog’s dinner so that they only get a tiny bit. If the pooch does not have any gas signs, increase the amount, but not too much as you should always feed the pets the vegetable in moderation.

It is also to stay away from spices when giving your pet the purple, Napa, red, Savoy or any other type of cabbage. Consuming the additives may upset their tummies or even cause a bit of diarrhea. Good news is that your pet will not mind the natural “bland” taste of the vegetables.


Is it Healthier to Prepare Home-made Cabbage for a Dog?

It goes without saying that it is often better to prepare your pet’s meals at home. Just like when making the vegetable for human consumption, it is best to cook the vegetables lightly especially if you plan to be feeding it large quantities.

Cooking the vegetable is essential because it helps to deactivate thiocyanate a natural compound in cabbage that suppresses the thyroid gland and can create hypothyroidism after some time if the dog eats it in large amounts. You can also boil or steam the cabbage which is healthy way of making the veggie.


Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut?


Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut


There are different ways that people prepare cabbage, one of them being Sauerkraut. It is a type of fermented food that for a long time has been a favorite sandwich additive and hot dog topping. It is also considered a heath-boosting superfood that you can give your dog.

Just like plain cabbage, your furry friend should only eat small amounts of the food. Note that it is not at all poisonous to the pet. Many even say that it is even healthier than the cabbage alone because it gives the dog gut nourishing probiotics which can enhance overall health. The condiment is also best home-made, raw, and unpasteurized.

It is safe to say that with its anti-oxidant properties as well as overall natural health benefits, cabbage is something that you should include when feeding your furry pal. Just be keen to avoid overfeeding him/her because moderation is essential. Watch out for the problematic wind as well.