Can Dogs Eat Edamame

Edamame is a wonderful treat for both man and dog alike.  My wife is really into health and eats these little things all of the time.  Within reason it’s safe to give a dog edamame.


Is it Safe to Give a Dog Edamame?

Yes, it is safe to give a dog edamame in low quantities.  Certainly start them slow.  Anything new that you let a dog try can be quite the shock to the system.  Keep this in your mind, dogs were never meant to eat plants like this, so take it easy.  They never need to eat a lot of it.

Edamame is full of fiber, so be careful.  It is always a good idea to give a few more bathroom breaks just in case.  If you do let them eat a significant quantity, they may vomit or have diarrhea.


Benefits of Giving Your Dog Edamame

Dogs are attracted to edamame because it is both crunchy and tasty.

  • High in protein
  • Great source of polyunsaturated fat
  • High in omega 3 acids
  • Appetite suppression

Dogs need a lot of protein in their diet.  If your vet has recommended that you ad protein edamame is a great source.  Here’s more on how much protein a dog should have from PetMd

The Omega 3 acids found in abundance within edamame.  There are numerous benefits to Omega 3’s.  They’ve been shown to help with  arthritis, brain function, heart disease, kidneys, allergies, and much more.  Your vet may even prescribe fatty acids by themselves.

With overweight dogs, edamame can help suppress their appetite.  While you may be giving them a few extra calories, it should be a net gain since the dog will feel full faster, just like when we drink coffee.


Feeding Your Dog Edamame

There are many ways to prepare edamame.  You can serve it to the dog raw, frozen, freeze dried, or baked.  Just like with humans, it’s best to consume edamame raw.  All of the other methods of preparation remove essential vitamins and minerals.

Make sure to remove the shell.  I really enjoy throwing them at my dog.  She never misses.  Watch out for some of the prepared edamame snack foods that you find at the local grocer.  These are often fried and contain other ingredients.  You should only think about buying them if there’s a one item ingredient list, and that item is edamame.


Final Word

Just like any other food, you don’t want to let your dog make a meal out of the edamame.  Just flip them a few every now and then.  It’s fun.