Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers?

Graham crackers, originally known as Graham’s cracker, were invented long ago in order to promote simple living. They were originally made up of coarsely ground whole wheat at home. The recipe however, over the years has been improved in many ways. They are sweet and very good as a digestive agent. These crackers make a handy daily snack. And, therefore, you may be wondering can dogs eat graham crackers?

So if it is alright for us to like and enjoy them a lot, would dogs also have a liking for it? Well, it is a yes. It is important to remember that even though it makes a dog wag its tail, doesn’t mean it should have them every day. There are ingredients in it that are not at all healthy for a dog.


So, can dogs eat graham crackers?

Graham crackers are usually made up of ingredients like whole wheat, sugar, baking soda salt, butter, cinnamon etc. Most of these ingredients are not advised for dogs to consume. A little bit now and then won’t hurt. But, damage can be done to the dogs body over the long run if it is fed with these crackers on a regular basis.

The problem with this cracker is that it is very high in carbohydrates. Each cracker contains about 20g of carbohydrate and about 130 milligrams of sodium. Too much carbohydrate can cause obesity in a dog and obesity is a common root cause that builds other diseases in the body with time. It is also packed with sugar and butter which is a big no for dogs. It is not an instant poison but it can cause cholesterol and high blood pressure problems.

Dogs live better and longer on whole foods. These crackers can be highly addictive for a dog and they might begin to lose interest in the food that they are actually meant to consume. Feeding dogs these crackers regularly is like feeding pure sugar candies to a child on a daily basis. The salt in the crackers contains sodium which is another cause of future problems in its system.

Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers?


Too many graham crackers can cause your dog problems.

Too many graham crackers can also give your dog dental problems. They contain refined wheat which is not good for a dog’s digestion. Also, some dogs suffer from wheat allergies. If you notice unusual itchy rashes or your dog suffering from diarrhea, the dog could be allergic. That’s why we always recommend giving your dog small amounts of any food to start with. These crackers also have no significant source of vitamins or minerals making it pretty pointless feeding it to a good for meals.

Dogs can be given Graham’s crackers in small pieces to use as treats and helping in teaching a teaching discipline. It is even better if it is made at home with ingredients that are not so bad for a dog. It can be made excluding sugar, salt and butter. One can always research on alternative ingredients that can be used and the dog would still enjoy it as much.

There are many other choices of foods that a dog can be given to munch without harming its system. It is safe to give your dog blueberries. Try something like that. You can keep a tin of Graham’s crackers on your shelf for that one odd occasion every now and then and feed bits of it to your dog. Remember, you aren’t doing your dog any favors by giving them Graham crackers.