Can Dogs Eat Plums? (Yes, But Look Out For The Pit)

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

For humans, there is no question that plums are a good source of vitamin C. However, what happens if you feed your dogs on plums? Well, plums are also just as good for dogs as long as they do not feed on the pits. According to studies, pits have some chemicals that may in the end cause cyanide poisoning to the dog. As a result, your dog will have problems with its digestion system. In this article, we look at some of the benefits of feeding plums to your dog.


What are the benefits of ‘de-pitted’ plums to your dog?

While pitted plums can cause problems to your dog, de-pitted plums on the other hand can be of huge benefits. Some of the main ones include:

Provides a major source of fiber to your dog

According to medical studies, fiber is not only necessary for humans but dogs too. For instance, for proper digestion, your dog needs sufficient fiber. A dog that has insufficient fiber is likely to suffer from constipation and diarrhea. With these conditions, chances are your dog’s health will deteriorate and that is something you do not want. However, you can save yourself the entire headache by feeding your dog on de-pitted plums. Medical professionals agree that feeding your dog on these plums will provide your dog with sufficient fiber to help you with the digestion process.

Regulation of sugar levels

A lot of sugar in the body can cause problems to any animal and not human beings alone. Dogs can get too much sugar from the snacks you feed them on and that can be a cause of concern. However, de-pitted plums provide a perfect snack to your dog without the need to worry about his sugar levels. Plums are fleshy and juicier and are a perfect source for vitamin C.

Improves your dog’s immunity

Many are the diseases that can strike your beloved pet. However, with increased immunity, your dog can be able to defend himself against most of these diseases thereby making the dog safe. In that case, feeding your dog on plums can be a huge step towards realizing this. Generally, plums provide your dog with immunity according to medical studies.

Plums are a source of vitamin K

Plums have vitamin K thereby making them beneficial to your dog. Vets agree that vitamin K is necessary to your dog’s health because they provide the blood clotting factors in the liver. This allows your dog to have proper blood flow and the ability to deal with any imminent wounds.


How do you feed your dog on plums?

Apart from de-pitting them, it is important to introduce your dog to plums slowly. This is important for the purposes of monitoring your dog’s initial reaction to the delicacy. In some instances (though rare), your dog may have an allergic reaction that may cause stomach upset. It is also important that you wash the fruits well before feeding them.



While pitted plums can be poisonous to your dog, de-pitted ones can be very beneficial. Some of their main benefits include provision of vitamin K; provide enhanced immunity and aids in digestion. However, it is important to introduce these plums to your dog slowly and wash the fruits well before feeding them to your dog.