Can Dogs Eat Raw Yams?

Clarity becomes important when coming up with a written review targeting a certain audience. What Americans or some people from other countries call yams might be known differently in other regions such as Africa, the Caribbean or South America.  Especially in America and Europe the names ‘yam’ and ‘Sweet potato’ are interchangeably used when conversing and even in supermarkets. In other words, when talking about a yam they mean sweet potato.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes

The other above mentioned regions have got both yams and sweet potatoes, and are two different things. Both sweet potato and yams are vegetables but of different types. The true yam belongs to the lily, while the sweet potato belongs to the morning glory plant family. The true yam grows in those regions which have a tropical climate. It is made up of a black or brown scaly skin similar to the bark of a tree. While sweet potatoes are smaller in size, the yam can grow to be a big tuber of even 7 feet in length and weigh about 150 pounds

Therefore this review will deal with the American version of the yam known in another name as sweet potato. We will look into such issues as to whether it is good as a dog food, its ingredients and if good or bad when raw.


Benefits of yams to a dog

The sweet potato tuber is nutritious and suitable for your dog. With many nutrient ingredients, the tuber offers a better healthy alternative to commercial meals for pets. The sweet potato has been added to many dog’s recipes such as Thrive, Force, Zeal and Preference. Ingredients include:

Beta-Carotene- The tuber is rich in this powerful antioxidant that gives it a gold, yellow or orange colour. It is converted into Vitamin A as it gets into the dog’s body. The antioxidant has been proven to guide certain types of cancer and heart diseases.
Minerals- The tuber is a known good source of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and manganese. The minerals are important to the health of your dog’s body. As a good example potassium is highly needed to help in creating a balanced fluid presence and preservation of muscle functions and nerve transmissions.
Low fat and high in fibre- The sweet potato tuber contains high amounts of dietary fibre known to be good for digestion. The tuber also has low-fat contents making it an ideal dog food.


Are the yams good for a dog when raw?

It is not advisable to give your dog uncooked sweet potatoes as there are many risks such as:

Digestion and taste- If not well cooked the tuber’s dietary fibre and starch won’t be well broken down to be easy for digestion causing digestive problems. The taste of the tuber gets better with good cooking hence the dog loves it better. Always ensure that the sweet potato is well cooked before feeding.

The uncooked tuber is hard- Yam and sweet potatoes tubers are not soft and therefore makes chewing, swallowing and digesting hard. One known characteristic of a dog is to inhale its food. If this happens with uncooked yam, it will cause choking which might be dangerous.
Intestinal blockage- Uncooked tuber can cause blockage of the intestine with disastrous results which can even lead to death.



We can conclude by saying that ‘sweet potato’ or ‘yam’ makes good food for your dog. It is always good to ensure that the food is well cooked before intake. As a last parting note, it is advised you give the dog the tuber food in moderation. This is due to its high carbohydrate and sugar content. Too much intake may lead to obesity or sugar related problems.