Can dogs eat soy sauce? (No. Here’s Why)

Can dogs eat soy sauce?  You may be surprised to learn that many commercial dog food companies add soy products to their recipes to help bulk out the meat. For this reason, many pet owners assume that they can give their dogs soy sauce. However, there is a big difference between the soy that’s added to dog food and the condiment that’s meant for human consumption.

Soy sauce is used in many Asian dishes; it contains high salt levels and adds flavor to your meal. This article will help to answer the question, can dogs eat soy sauce. We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of why it’s best not to give your dog soy sauce.


Is it ok to give soy sauce to my dog?

dog drank soy sauce

If you enjoy Asian food and have cooked a simple stir fry recipe that contains soy sauce, you may be considering whether to give the leftovers to your pet. But is it safe to give your dog a piece of chicken that has soy sauce on it? Can Dogs Eat Soy Sauce?

Most vets would agree that while many commercial dog foods do contain soy products, soy sauce isn’t suitable for your pet. Although soy sauce is made from soybeans, it also contains ingredients that dogs should avoid, particularly salt.

Like ketchup, soy sauce contains high levels of sodium, which can be toxic to dogs, and if your pet consumes too much salt, it could prove to be fatal. Your dog could even be at risk of developing kidney issues or suffering from salt poisoning after consuming just one teaspoon of soy sauce if there is no water available.

Dogs that have been poisoned with salt can develop neurological problems, kidney issues, and can even die. You may think that you’re only giving your pet a small amount, but to a little dog, even a teaspoon full is a lot. This doesn’t mean that you should give larger dogs soy sauce.

A teaspoon of soy sauce will contain approximately 291.1 mg of sodium. Vets recommend that medium sized dogs shouldn’t have more than 100 mg of sodium a day. As you can see, just one teaspoon of soy sauce is three times the recommended amount. For small dogs, it’s a lot more, and just a little lick can be dangerous.


Signs that your dog has Salt Poisoning

If your dog has accidentally stolen some food off your plate that contains soy sauce, he will likely be very thirsty. You can give your dog some water to help dilute the soy sauce but should also seek immediate medical attention from a vet.

Look out for other symptoms and odd behavior that may indicate that your pet has salt poisoning. Common symptoms include vomiting, frequent urination, diarrhea, and in the worst cases, tremors or seizures. Soy sauce can be very dangerous and cause salt poisoning, especially in small breeds and toy dog breeds.


The Problems with Soy Sauce

Don't feed dog soy sauce

As well as having a high salt content, soy sauce has also been made from soybeans. Soy isn’t considered toxic to dogs, but many vets advise that it’s best avoided. Soybeans contain estrogens from plants, which can have a detrimental effect on dogs. If dogs eat soy in large enough quantities, estrogen like activity can be triggered, even if your dog has been spayed or neutered.

Soy should be avoided entirely if your dog has hypothyroidism, as it can contribute to the lowering of thyroid hormones. Some soybeans may be better than others as traditionally, they were fermented before consumption, which helped lower the estrogen levels. Fermented soybeans are also easier for dogs and humans to digest.


Other Dangers to Your Dog from Soy Sauce

It’s never a good idea to serve leftover takeaway with your dog as it may contain other ingredients that are unsuitable. While I have heard of people washing sauce off leftover chicken and feeding it to their pet, this should be done with caution.

Dishes that use soy sauce are also likely to contain garlic and onion. If garlic and onion aren’t visible in the dish, this doesn’t mean it’s suitable for your pet as the powdered variety may have been added. Takeaways also contain oils and MSG, which are unhealthy and shouldn’t be fed to your pet. Many dishes are too spicy and likely to give your dog an upset stomach.


Conclusion:  Can dogs eat soy sauce?

Soy sauce is not suitable for dogs as it has a high salt content and can poison your pet. It’s not a good idea to share a leftover takeaway with your dog as it may contain other toxic ingredients.