Can Dogs Eat Spam?

Spam is one of the more commonly purchased grocery items throughout the world. There may be a situation where your dog has gotten into it and you may be wondering if dogs can even eat spam.

Spam will not poison your dog outright, but it is very high in salt and should be avoided. You do need to watch out for the signs of salt poisoning, and make sure that they are getting plenty of water and extra trips to the bathroom to process the excess sodium.


Can Dogs Eat Spam
As you can see, Spam has a LOT of Sodium.


Why your Dog Should Not Eat Spam

Spam contains pork shoulder meat and ham, both of which are high in sodium. If you are wanting to give your dog Spam as a treat, it would be best if you used a dedicated dog treat instead. It’s almost the same consistency as wet dog food (not a dig on Spam) anyway.


If Your Dog Eats Spam

If your dog has eaten spam, you should make sure that they get more trips outside. Their bodies will have to process all of that sodium. You don’t want to end up cleaning up a huge mess inside the house.

Here’s a great resource on salt toxicity. If your dog has eaten a lot of Spam, make sure that they are drinking plenty of water. Water helps them process all of the sodium. If they dog appear to be acting lethargic, weak, or has been vomiting, feverish, or are exhibiting any other sign that they aren’t their normal selves, go ahead and contact your veterinarian and ask if they need to be seen.

If you have a smaller breed dog, make sure that you pay particular attention to them. It wouldn’t take a lot of sodium to overload their system.


Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Spam?

Dogs should not eat Spam. There is nothing in Spam that will outright hurt the dog. But, enough sodium and they can get into trouble. If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below. Thank you so much for reading.