Can Dogs Eat Tuna? (Maybe, Depends on Preparation)

Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Dog Tuna

Most dogs love food and will quickly devour anything you give them or anything you leave lying around. Dogs can eat tuna as long as it’s correctly prepared. But can dogs eat raw tuna? Read on to find out.

Tuna is a fish that lives in the oceans and is related to the mackerel. It’s very popular with people across the world, and as a result, some tuna species are becoming endangered because of overfishing.

This article will answer the questions, ‘can dogs eat tuna?’ and ‘can dogs eat tuna salad?’ We’ll also tell you about the health benefits tuna can bring to dogs.


Can dogs eat tuna?

Can i give my dog tuna

Tuna can be given to dogs in small amounts. It has many health benefits is also a great alternative protein source. Tuna is safe for dogs and can be given as an occasional treat or as part of a main meal. Tuna contains many beneficial nutrients.


Preparing tuna for your dog

While tuna can be healthy for dogs, it’s important not to feed your dog too much tuna. It’s recommended that a medium to large-sized dog such as a Labrador should be given approximately half a can of tuna once a week. Smcan dogs eat tuna saladaller breeds of dogs should have less. It’s not a good idea to give tuna or any other type of fish to pregnant or lactating dogs.

As well as limiting your dog’s portion sizes, you should also check that there are no bones in the tuna before giving it to your dog. You should never let a dog eat tuna straight out of the can as they can cut their tongue on the sharp edge. When giving your dog canned tuna, you should buy a brand that doesn’t contain salt.

The best way to give your dog tuna is to buy the fish fresh and boil or saute it for your dog. Don’t add any salt, onion, garlic, or other herbs and seasonings when preparing tuna for your dog. Salt poisoning is a problem for dogs, and garlic, onion, and other herbs are toxic, even in small amounts. If you’re cooking a tuna steak, ensure that it’s properly cooked all the way through.


The health benefits of tuna for dogs

Tuna is a very healthy choice for humans and dogs alike. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals. Tuna contains high levels of calcium, which will help your dog to maintain healthy bones and teeth and will reduce the likelihood that your dog develops joint problems as he ages.

Tuna is also an excellent protein source and contains zinc. It also has omega-3 fatty acids, which will help your dog maintain healthy blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health. However, it is worth noting that putting tuna into a can destroys some of the omega-3 fatty acids. Your dog will get the most benefits from eating freshly cooked tuna.

Tuna also contains vitamins A and E, which will contribute to maintaining healthy skin and a shiny, healthy coat.


Can dogs eat raw tuna?

can dogs eat raw tuna

While tuna is very healthy for dogs, it’s not a good idea to give your pet raw tuna from a fishmonger. When raw tuna and other fish contain an enzyme known as thiaminase. This will break down the Vitamin B in your dog’s food, and he won’t be able to absorb its nutrients.

Sometimes raw tuna can be a carrier of nasty parasites and bacteria, which is likely to make your dog very sick. Canned tuna is safe for dogs as it’s been pre-cooked before being put in a can, so it’s safe for dogs.


Is tuna bad for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Fish

Tuna can contain trace levels of mercury, which have been introduced to seawater by pollution. Sometimes mercury is also created by natural events such as volcanic eruptions.

Sometimes mercury finds its way into the food chain. The higher up the food chain, the more concentrated the levels of mercury are likely to be. Adult tuna fish are considered relatively high up the food chain as they generally eat smaller fish. Some tuna contains trace elements of mercury, which can cause health problems in dogs and people.

Luckily the chances of your dog getting mercury poisoning from tuna is very slim. Your dog would have to regularly eat a lot of tuna to be affected by mercury.


Can Dogs Eat Tuna Salad?

can dogs eat tuna salad

It’s not a good idea to give tuna salad to your dog. While tuna salad does contain canned tuna, which dogs can eat in small amounts, it’s also likely to have other ingredients that won’t be suitable for your pet.

Tuna salad often has salt and other seasonings, oil, or mayonnaise, which shouldn’t be given to dogs.


Alternatives to tuna for dogs

If your pet doesn’t like tuna, he can try many different types of fish. Some owners are worried about mercury risks and don’t want to give their dogs tuna.

Many fish are nutrient-packed and are a very healthy option for dogs. Dogs can eat mackerel, salmon, and anchovies. These fish all have lower levels of mercury and also contain more zinc, calcium, and vitamin D than tuna. They also contain lots of omega-three oils, which are very healthy for dogs.



Tuna can be given to dogs as a treat or occasionally as part of a main meal as it’s safe for dogs and full of nutrients. Never give your dog raw tuna or any other type of raw fish as this can cause an upset stomach.

Dogs can eat fresh or canned tuna. When cooking tuna for your dog, you need to ensure that it’s been cooked properly. It’s also a good idea to consider the portion size carefully. Puppies and very small breeds of dogs shouldn’t be given much tuna. Please make sure the portion size you’re offering your pet is safe and appropriate for their size.