Can I Give My Dog Midol?

While there are some pain medications for dogs, it’s not a good idea to give them the human medication anyway, especially Midol. The biological differences between dog and man are vast. It’s vital that you speak with your veterinarian and get their recommendation of what’s best for your ailing dog.

Medication treats the symptoms of a problem, but not the underlying problem itself. Here’s a list from pets.webmd of medications that are ok to give your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Midol


Can you give Midol to your dog?

NO Midol can kill your dog. There are many types of Midol. The active ingredients in these versions are going to be some combination of:

  • Naproxen Sodium
  • Ibuprofen
  • Acetaminophen
  • Pyrilamine

All of these drugs are all lethal to a dog in large enough doses. Don’t do it.


What if your dog has already eaten Midol?

The most likely scenario that would find you here is that your dog has already gotten into Midol. While it’s not very likely that your dog is going to die, there are some long term side effects that make discussing it with a professional worth it.

Don’t take a chance and call the vet right away. While you are calling try and figure out how much Midol that your dog ingested if possible. They may very well want to see the pooch immediately. The quicker they can see the dog, the more likely it is that they can avert any long term harm, such as liver damage or kidney failure.

Take comfort in knowing that there are things that the vet can do to help minimize the damage caused by the active ingredient in Midol. There is an absorbent charcoal product that the vet can give that will soak up the medication, thereby negating its effects. The earlier it is given, the more opportunity the medication has to do its job.

Don’t leave it up to chance. If left unchecked, Midol can cause liver and kidney failure in any dog breed. It’s just not worth it. Call the Vet.

If you find that your dog has gotten into some Midol that you had laying about, it is a big cause for concern. Regardless of how big the breed, you should treat it as though the dog has been poisoned. Too much Midol can lead to kidney or liver failure.

You may get lucky and your dog brushes it off like it’s nothing. Or, it could be a serious problem. Don’t risk it.


Wrapping up: Can I give my dog Midol?

It’s just not worth it. There are better pain relief options out there. If you have an old dog that has joint and pain problems give your vet a call and see if they recommend anything over the counter that is less harmful. More likely, they’ll have something in mind that is made for the biology of your dog, and with the proper dosage for their size.