Can You Cut A Male Dog’s Pee Hair?

Should you give a male dog a sanitary trim

The diligent and savvy pet owner in you might be wondering: can you cut a male dog’s pee hair? It would certainly save the hassle of going to the groomer, especially if you deal with a difficult-to-control dog or a dog with anxiety. 

While these types of problematic behavior require addressing before they spiral into more serious behavioral issues, the ability to trim your dog’s hair at home can help ease them into the process of getting their hair cut regularly.

The long hairs coming from your dog’s penis guide the urine to the ground and keep the belly area clean. We recommend you avoid cutting this area unless there is an underlying medical issue.

But, what about their private areas? For hygienic reasons, isn’t it best to keep the dog’s pee hair trimmed down and out of the way, or does this hair serve some functional purpose?

While it is possible to trim the hair on a male dog’s private areas, it is essential to recognize the reason for this fur’s presence and how it can be safely trimmed.

Why Do Dogs Have Hair on Their Privates?

Why dogs have hair on their privates
He definitely needs that hair…

Dogs have hair around their private parts for various reasons, including protection from dirt and debris as well as providing warmth during colder weather. 

Protection from external elements

The primary function of your dog’s hair around its private areas is to protect these sensitive regions from external contaminants such as dirt, debris, and insects. 

This natural barrier helps prevent irritation or infection that could result from foreign materials coming into contact with the delicate skin in this area. It also helps to trap harmful bacteria, preventing it from more easily entering your dog’s urogenital tract.

Insulation during colder temperatures

In addition to protecting against environmental hazards, the hair surrounding a dog’s genitals also provides essential warmth to the region during colder temperatures.

Just like humans need clothing to stay warm in chilly weather conditions, dogs rely on their fur coats – especially those located near vital organs – for warmth and comfort when exposed to low temperatures outside.

Guides urine away from the body

Also commonly referred to as male guide hairs, the hair is longer in this region to help direct urine toward the ground. When this hair is trimmed away, dogs may end up spraying more onto their stomach fur. While you might think trimming this hair solves a cleanliness issue, it may just as easily create an issue with your dog’s hygiene.

Step-by-Step Guide to Grooming Your Male Dog’s Private Areas

Grooming a male dogs private area

If you want to cut the hair covering his penis, it is essential to follow a step-by-step process that ensures the safety and comfort of your pet. By doing so, you can maintain good hygiene practices while avoiding any unnecessary discomfort or injury:

  • The first step in grooming your male dog’s private areas is positioning him correctly. Place your dog on his side with his belly facing towards you. 
  • This will give you easy access to the genital region and allow you to work more efficiently without causing stress or anxiety for your pet. If necessary, have someone help hold your dog still during this process.
  • Gently lift one back leg, exposing the genital region.
  • Carefully trim excess fur using high-quality grooming scissors or clippers designed for pet use only. Be sure not to snip any delicate skin beneath the fur, as this may cause irritation or infection.

You could also take your dog to a professional grooming salon. They can recommend a home grooming routine and plan of action. You can also watch how they groom the potty area.


If possible, try not to cut your male dog’s pee hair altogether unless there are specific hygiene issues present (such as matting). While it might be unsightly, it does serve a functional purpose.

Trimming the hair around your dog’s private areas may be necessary to prevent matting and tangling caused by moisture, friction, or lack of grooming. Dogs with longer fur around their privates are more prone to accumulating urine in their fur – which can leave stains on carpets, furniture, or floors due to dripping. 

This not only creates unpleasant odors but also increases the cleaning efforts required by pet owners. Matted hair covered in urine can also lead to more serious bacterial infections. 

For successful and comfortable grooming of your canine’s pee hair, proper grooming techniques are essential, as outlined above. If you’re unsure of how to safely cut your male dog’s pee hair, we’d recommend going to a professional groomer.

You definitely can cut a female dog’s pee hair, as it can cause hygiene issues in a long haired breed.