Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers?

Are Graham Crackers Good For Dogs

Graham crackers, originally known as Graham’s cracker, were invented long ago in order to promote simple living. They were originally made up of coarsely ground whole wheat at home. The recipe however, over the years has been improved in many ways. They are sweet and very good as a digestive agent. These crackers make a … Read more

Can Dogs Drink Distilled Water?

Water intake

If you are in the local supermarket and you happen upon the ever growing water aisle, you’re likely to notice water in the gallon form.  Popular varieties include spring water, filtered water, well water, tap, and distilled water.  Of those three, only distilled water has some really neat and desirable qualities ( and odd drawbacks). … Read more

Can dogs eat blueberries safely?

blueberries and dogs

One of them most common fruits in the American household is the blueberry.   Dogs are likely to get into them since they are small, round, plentiful, and roll away from the table easily.  But, can dogs actually eat blueberries?   They’ll try almost anything.  Dogs really love blueberries, but they’ll try almost anything, even … Read more

Can dogs eat almonds?

People love almonds.  They are a superfood that are chocked full of nutritional benefits for humans.  Almonds have the best type of fat, and can provide an energy boost when you are feeling sluggish.    With all these benefits, more and more people have been wondering can dogs eat almonds?   While humans have no … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Applesauce

Can Dogs Eat Applesauce

Many of us have found a time when we just run out of treats for our four legged friends.  So we poke our head in the fridge or cupboard and see what we can’t use as a substitute.  Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon the applesauce.  This may describe exactly what is going on with you right … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pickles? + What to Do If They Did

can dogs eat pickles

Quick Answer Question Can Dogs Eat Pickles? Answer Not recommended. More Info High Sodium Content: Pickles are high in sodium, which is not suitable for dogs and can lead to dehydration and other health issues. Spices and Seasonings: Many pickles contain garlic, onions, and spices that are toxic to dogs. Possible Digestive Upset: The vinegar … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Green Peppers? Sure! Here are the Deets.

Can Dogs Eat Green Peppers

Quick Answer Ever found yourself furrowing your brow in the veggie aisle, pondering if green peppers make the cut for your canine? Well, wonder no more! Let’s unleash the truth about dogs and green peppers and spice up our furry friends’ meals the right way. Question Can Dogs Eat Green Peppers? Answer Yes, in moderation. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

Question Can Dogs Eat Cheerios? Answer Yes, in moderation. More Info Nutritional Value: Cheerios are low in sugar and fats, making them a relatively safe treat in small quantities. Precautions: Avoid flavored Cheerios that may contain ingredients harmful to dogs, like chocolate or xylitol. Not a Substitute: Cheerios should not replace a balanced diet tailored … Read more