Do Fox Red Labradors Get Darker with Age?

Labradors come in a variety of colors; black, brown, blond, and fox red. While fox red dogs are slightly rarer, they are very popular and have a lovely red coat. If you’re considering getting a fox red Labrador puppy, you may be wondering whether its coat will get darker with age. Sometimes the color of dogs’ coats changes slightly with the seasons. Dogs that spend a lot of time in the sun will get lighter or blonder during the summer months. But do fox red Labradors get darker with age? Let’s investigate.

Do Fox Red Labs darken with age?


The Fox red Labrador coat

Fox red Labradors have a lovely reddish coat; they are also sometimes known as rusty, ginger, or red labs. According to the American Kennel Club, purebred Labradors vary from a fox-red to a light cream color. Some dogs have variations in color on the ears and back or on the underparts of the dog. The Fox Red Labrador retriever isn’t considered as a separate breed or color; it is a darker shade of the more common yellow Labrador.

If you’re thinking about getting a fox red Labrador, it can be tricky to tell what color the coat will end up. It may stay the same color or could darken with age. Many breeders will show you a puppy with a reddish hint and say that its coat will end up the color of mom when he grows up. This isn’t guaranteed.


The appearance of a fox red Labrador

YES, Fox Red Labs Darken with Age

Fox red Labradors are the same breed; they have the same temperament and characteristics as other colors of Labrador. However, some owners claim that their Fox red Labrador is more vocal. There haven’t been enough studies done to determine whether or not this is true.

When viewing a little of puppies that contains a fox red lab, you’ll instantly notice a difference in the coloring. Most fox red Labradors are born a brown shade with slight peach-colored pigmentation, which is more visible around the nose, eyes, and under the armpits. As the puppies grow, their coats will lighten up from a brown into a rusty color. By the time the puppy is ready to leave his mom and go to a new home, he will be a red or ginger color.

Throughout the years, a fox red Labradors coat is likely to darken slightly with age and undergo seasonal variations. Fox red Labradors that live in hot sunny climates are likely to appear blonder during the summer months. Many people want to buy a fox red dog as they think it will make their pet look unique. When deciding whether a Labrador is for you, you should also consider other factors such as your lifestyle and ensure you can provide the correct care and attention.


Conclusion:  Yes, Fox Red Labradors Darken With Age

If you are interested in buying a Fox Red Labrador, it’s important to find a reputable breeder. Breeders shouldn’t be breeding dogs to have a certain coat color at the expense of the dog’s health. Be careful that you don’t end up getting an inbred puppy. You should also note that breeders can’t guarantee your puppy will have a perfect fox red coat. The coat color will change as the puppy grows up.