Do Wheaten Terriers Swim? Yes, Usually

Most dogs love swimming, and some will jump in the water at any opportunity. Some breeds of dogs are ‘water dogs’ and have been bred to retrieve game from wetland areas, while others have webbed feet, which make them powerful swimmers. But how about Wheaten Terriers? Do they like the water, and does the breed benefit from going swimming?

This article will answer the question, ‘Do Wheaten Terriers Swim?’

Wheaten Terriers Can Swim

Swimming can be an excellent exercise for a Wheaten Terrier.

The Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terriers are medium-sized dogs that were initially bred as a working dog in Ireland. They are a robust breed of dog that’s active and playful. The breed was originally used for hunting vermin and for farm work. They were also often used for guarding. The breed is very intelligent and best suits an active family.

Can Wheaten Terriers Swim

Wheaten Terriers need plenty of attention and love to get involved in any activity their family is doing, such as running, hill walking, and swimming. The breed is very energetic and playful and should have at least one to two hours of exercise daily. Wheaten Terriers that don’t get enough exercise can develop behavioral issues due to all that pent-up energy.


Can I take my Wheaten Terrier Swimming?

Swimming can be an excellent exercise for a Wheaten Terrier. If you own a Wheaten Terrier, you’ll likely find that your pet either loves or hates the water. Some Wheaten Terriers love the water and will jump in as soon as they see a lake, river, or the sea. It can be challenging to keep these dogs out of the water.

Others seem to hate the water and either won’t go near it or will only go in if encouraged to do so by their owner. Like all breeds of dogs, Wheaten Terrier have individual personalities and will choose whether or not they want to go swimming.

Swimming is an ideal exercise for a Wheaten Terrier, especially during the summer months. If you live near a river or lake, taking your dog swimming will provide him with many health benefits.

Swimming is a strenuous activity that burns both energy and calories fast. It can also help your dog strengthen and tone his muscles due to resistance provided by the water.


Swimming is also good for older dogs or dogs that have suffered from ligament or muscle damage. It’s a low impact exercise that won’t put unnecessary strain on your pet’s joints or tendons.

If your dog has recently suffered from an injury, taking him swimming may help. It might be a good idea to get the all-clear from your vet before taking your dog swimming. Swimming can help your pet to build up strength without putting weight on their injury.

You can take your dog swimming in the sea, river or a lake. If you live in a city or would like professional help to heal your dog’s injury, you may also like to consider using the services of a canine hydrotherapy center.


Conclusion: Wheaten Terriers do Swim

Swimming can be very beneficial for a Wheaten Terrier. Dow Some dogs seem to love the water, while others may be reluctant to go in. Swimming can help your pet burn off excess energy and build muscle mass. It can also help your pet to heal from injury without putting a strain on the joints.

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