Dog Business Opportunities

Whether you wish to go into business for yourself, or you’d prefer to work for yourself, there’s a lot of dog business opportunities

Dog Groomer

Dog Grooming Business OpportunitiesDog grooming can be a very rewarding career choice.  They do get paid mostly on commission so what you put in what you’ll get out.  The hours are ok.  There are no overnights, but evenings and weekends are going to be necessary in order to really make any money.  There is no educational requirement, and the employment outlook is good.


Mobile Groomer

There is a lot of opportunity out there for an entrepreneur who wants to get into the field of grooming.  Mobile grooming is a fast growing section of the pet care sector in general.  The clients tend to be upscale, and can tip really well.  They have high expectations though, don’t expect to set a wide appointment window like you are the cable company.  You’ll need a van or a trailer

Dog Bather

Dog BatherBathing dogs is very important work.  It is certainly a thankless job, but an important one.  You’ll be responsible for giving the doggie its bath before it can be properly groomed.  Usually, the bather will also dry the dogs.  The pay is not very good.  They usually make between $8 and $15 an hour depending on the region of the country.  This job is like the restaurant dishwasher.  It is the rat work that may lead you to becoming a cook.  You should not take it unless there is a clear way out of it.


Dog Walker

Dog walking is a great job for young people who wan to try getting into the field of animal work.  All that you really need is patience and a willingness to put yourself out there.  Unlike the previously mentioned jobs, there typically isn’t an hourly rate set for dog walking.  You’ll usually be paid by the job.


Training is not the easiest thing to jump right into, but it is very rewarding.  You’ll either be working one on one with your clients at their homes, or you’ll be providing services at a pet store.  You’ll find that people are mainly just looking for obedience training help.


VeterinarianBeing a veterinarian is one of the most rewarding careers you can possibly have with animals.  It also has the longest educational requirement in order to get going with your career.  You’ll find that you are committing to four years of college, with an additional four years of veterinary school.  According to the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences there are only 30 accredited veterinary schools in the United States, and only a quarter of the applicants are admitted.  If you do everything right, it’s still entirely possible to not get in.  You’ll definitely need a back up plan.  If you can get through all of that, you’ll have a $80,000 career ahead of you.