Every Dog Breeds Life Expectancy

It’s well known that dogs are man’s best friends; if you’re looking for a pet that will be by your side for years to come, it’s likely that you’re thinking of getting a dog. But exactly how long do dogs live? The answer to this question will depend on the breed of dog. In general, dogs live between eleven and fifteen years. Larger breeds are likely to live slightly less, while some toy varieties can live for as long as seventeen years.

If you’re considering buying a new puppy, you may be looking for a long lasting breed. This article covers how long every AKC recognized breed of dogs can live for.  Use the navigation directly below and jump to the letter of your breed.

How long do dogs live?


Every Breed of Dog’s Life Expectancy


Breeds that Begin with “A” Typical Life Expectancy
Affenpinscher 12-15 Years
Afghan Hound 12-15 Years
Airedale Terrier 11-14 Years
Akita 10-13 Years
Alaskan Malamute 10-14 Years
American Bulldog 10-12 Years
American English Coonhound 11-12 Years
American Eskimo Dog 13-15 Years
American Foxhound 11-13 Years
American Hairless Terrier 14-16 Years
American Leopard Hound 12-15 Years
American Staffordshire Terrier 12-16 Years
American Water Spaniel 10-14 Years
Anatolian Shepherd Dog 11-13 Years
Appenzeller Sennenhund 12-15 Years
Australian Cattle Dog 13-15 Years
Australian Kelpie 10-13 Years
Australian Shepherd 12-15 Years
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog 12-15 Years
Australian Terrier 11-15 Years
Azawakk 12-15 Years



Breeds that Begin With “B” Typical Life Expectancy
Barbet 12-14 Years
Basenji 13-14 Years
Basset Fauve de Bretagne 12-14 Years
Basset Hound 12-13 Years
Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound 12-15 Years
Beagle 10-15 Years
Bearded Collie 12-14 Years
Beauceron 10-12 Years
Bedlington Terier 11-16 Years
Belgian Laekenois 10-12 Years
Belgian Malinois 14-16 Years
Belgian Sheepdog 12-14 Years
Belgian Tervuen 12-14 Years
Bergamasco Sheepdog 13-15 Years
Berger Picard 12-13 Years
Bernese Mountain Dog 7-10 Years
Bichon Frise 14-15 Years
Biewer Terrier 16 Years
Black and Tan Coonhound 10-12 Years
Bluetick Coonhound 11-12 Years
Boerboel 9-11 Years
Bohemian Shepherd 12-15 Years
Bolognese 12-14 Years
Border Collie 12-15 Years
Border Terrier 12-15 Years
Borozoi 9-14 Years
Boston Terrier 11-13 Years
Bouvier des Flandres 10-12 Years
Boxer 10-12 Years
Boykin Spaniel 10-15 Years
Bracco Italiano 10-14 Years
Braque du Bourbonnais 10-12 Years
Briard Dog 12 Years
Brittany 12-14 Years
Broholmer 8-10 Years
Brussels Griffon 12-15 Years
Bull Terrier 12-13 Years
Bulldog 8-10 Years
Bullmastiff 7-9 Years



Breeds that Begin With “C” Typical Life Expectancy
Cairn Terrier 13-15 Years
Canaan Dog 12-15 Years
Cane Corso 9-12 Years
Cardigan Welsh Corgi 12-15 Years
Catahoula Leopard Dog 10-14 Years
Caucasian Shepherd Dog 10-12 Years
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 12-15 Years
Cesky Terrier 12-15 Years
Chesapeake Bay Retriever 10-13 Years
Chihuahua 14-16 Years
Chinese Crested 13-18 Years
Chinese Shar-Pei 8-12 Years
Chinook 12-15 Years
Chow Chow 8-12 Years
Cirneco dell’Etna 12-14 Years
Clumber Spaniel 10-12 Years
Cocker Spaniel 10-14 Years
Collie 12-14 Years
Coton de Tulear 15-19 Years
Croatian Sheepdog 13-14 Years
Curly-Coated Retriever 10-12 Years
Czechoslovakian Vlcak 10-15 Years



Breeds that Begin With “D” Typical Life Expectancy
Dachsund 12-16 Years
Dalmatian 11-13 Years
Dandie Dinmont 12-15 Years
Danish-Swedish Farmdog 11-13 Years
Deutscher Wachtelhund 12-14 Years
Doberman Pinscher 10-12 Years
Dogo Argentino 9-15 Years
Dogue de Bordeaux 5-8 Years
Drentsche Patrijshond 11-14 Years
Drever 15 Years
Dutch Shepherd 11-14 Years



Breeds that Begin With “E” Typical Life Expectancy
English Cocker Spaniel 12-14 Years
English Foxhound 10-13 Years
English Setter 12 Years
English Springer Spaniel 12-14 Years
English Toy Spaniel 10-12 Years
Entlebucher Mountain Dog 11-13 Years
Estrela Mountain Dog 10-14 Years
Eurasier 12-16 Years



Breeds that Begin With “F” Typical Life Expectancy
Field Spaniel 12-13 Years
Finnish Lapphund 12-15 Years
Finnish Spitz 13-15 Years
Flat-Coated Retriever 8-10 Years
French Bulldog 10-12 Years
French Spaniel 10-12 Years



Breeds that Begin With “G” Typical Life Expectancy
German Longhaired Pointer 12-14 Years
German Pinscher 12-14 Years
German Shepherd Dog 7-10 Years
German Shorthaired Pointer 10-12 Years
German Spitz 13-15 Years
German Wirehaired Pointer 14-16 Years
Giant Schnauzer 12-15 Years
Glen of Imall Terrier 10-15 Years
Golden Retriever 10-12 Years
Gordon Setter 12-13 Years
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen 13-15 Years
Great Dane 7-10 Years
Great Pyrenees 10-12 Years
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 8-11 Years
Greyhound 10-13 Years



Breeds that Begin With “H” Typical Life Expectancy
Hamiltonstovare 14-17 Years
Hanoverian Scenthound 10-14 Years
Harrier 12-15 Years
Havanese 14-16 Years
Hokkaido 12-15 Years
Hovawart 10-14 Years



Breeds that Begin With “I” Typical Life Expectancy
Ibizan Hound 11-14 Years
Icelandic Sheepdog 12-14 Years
Irish Red and White Setter 11-15 Years
Irish Setter 12-15 Years
Irish Terrier 13-15 Years
Irish Water Spaniel 12-13 Years
Irish Wolfhound 6-8 Years
Italian Greyhound 14-15 Years



Breeds that Begin With “J” Typical Life Expectancy
Jagdterrier 10-12 Years
Japanese Akitainu 10-12 Years
Japanese Chin 10-12 Years
Japanese Spitz 12-14 Years
Jindo 14 Years



Breeds that Begin With “K” Typical Life Expectancy
Kai Ken 12-15 Years
Karelian Bear Dog 11-13 Years
Keeshond 12-15 Years
Kerry Blue Terrier 12-15 Years
Kishu Ken 11-13 Years
Komondor 10-12 Years
Kromfohrlander 13-15 Years
Kuvasz 10-12 Years



Breeds that Begin With “L” Typical Life Expectancy
Labrador Retriever 10-12 Years
Lagotto Romagnolo 15-17 Years
Lakeland Terrier 12-15 Years
Lancashire Heeler 12-15 Years
Lapponian Herder 10-14 Years
Leonberger 9 Years
Lhasa Apso 12-15 Years
Löwchen 15 Years



Breeds that Begin With “M” Typical Life Expectancy
Maltese 12-15 Years
Manchester Terrier 15-17 Years
Manchester Terrier (Toy) 15-17 Years
Mastiff 6-10 Years
Miniature American Shepherd 12-13 Years
Miniature Bull Terrier 11-13 Years
Miniature Pinscher 12-16 Years
Miniature Schnauzer 12-15 Years
Mountain Cur 10-13 Years
Mudi 12-14 Years



Breeds that Begin With “N” Typical Life Expectancy
Neapolitan Mastiff 7-9 Years
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje 12-15 Years
Newfoundland 9-10 years
Norfolk Terrier 12-16 Years
Norrbottenspets 14-17 Years
Norwegian Buhund 12-15 Years
Norwegian Elkhound 12-15 Years
Norwegian Lundehund 12-15 Years
Norwich Terrier 12-15 Years
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 12-14 Years
Neapolitan Mastiff 7-9 Years



Breeds that Begin With “O” Typical Life Expectancy
Old English Sheepdog 10-12 Years
Otterhound 10-13 Years



Breeds that Begin With “P” Typical Life Expectancy
Papillon 14-16 Years
Parson Russell Terrier 13-15 Years
Pekingese 12-14 Years
Pembroke Welsh Corgi 12-13 Years
Perro de Presa Canario 9-11 Years
Peruvian Inca Orchid 12-14 Years
Petit Basset Griffon 12-14 Years
Pharaoh Hound 12-14 Years
Plott Hound 12-14 Years
Pointer 12-17 Years
Polish Lowland Sheepdog 12-14 Years
Pomeranian 12-16 Years
Poodle- Miniature 10-18 Years
Poodle- Standard 10-18 Years
Poodle- Toy 10-18 Years
Porcelaine 12-13 Years
Portuguese Podengo 10-12 Years
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno 12-15 Years
Portuguese Pointer 14 Years
Pourtuguese Sheepdog 12-13 Years
Portuguese Water Dog 11-13 Years
Pudelpointer 14 Years
Pug 13-15 Years
Puli 10-15 Years
Pumi 10-13 Years
Pyrenean Mastiff 10-13 Years



Breeds that Begin With “R” Typical Life Expectancy
Rafeiro do Alentejo 12-14 Years
Rat Terrier 12-18 Years
Redbone Coonhound 12-15 Years
Rhodesian Ridgeback 10 Years
Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog 12-14 Years
Rottweiler 9-10 years
Russell Terrier 12-14 Years
Russian Toy 12-14 Years
Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka 12-16 Years



Breeds that Begin With “S” Typical Life Expectancy
Saint Bernard 8-10 Years
Saluki 10-17 Years
Samoyed 12-14 Years
Schapendoes 12-15 Years
Schipperke 12-14 Years
Scottish Deerhound 8-11 Years
Scottish Terrier 12 Years
Sealyham Terrier 12-14 Years
Segugio Italiano 11-13 Years
Shetland Sheepdog 12-14 Years
Shiba Inu 13-16 Years
Shi Tzu 10-18 Years
Shikoku 10-12 Years
Siberian Husky 12-14 Years
Silky Terrier 13-15 Years
Skye Terrier 12-14 Years
Sloughi 12-14 Years
Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer 12-15 Years
Slovensky Cuvac 11-13 Years
Slovensky Kopov 12-13 Years
Small Munsterlander 12-14 Years
Smooth Fox Terrier 12-15 Years
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 12-14 Years
Spanish Mastiff 10-12 Years
Spanish Water Dog 12-14 Years
Spinone Italiano 10-12 Years
Stabyhoun 13-15 Years
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 12-14 Years
Standard Schnauzer 13-16 Years
Sussex Spaniel 13-15 Years
Swedish Lapphund 12-14 Years
Swedish Vallhund 12-15 Years



Breeds that Begin With “T” Typical Life Expectancy
Taiwan Dog 9-13 Years
Teddy Toosevelt Terrier 14-16 Years
Thai Ridgeback 12-13 Years
Tibetan Mastiff 10-12 Years
Tibetan Spaniel 12-15 Years
Tibetan Terrier 15-16 Years
Tornjak 12-14 Years
Tosa 10-12 Years
Toy Fox Terrier 13-15 Years
Transylvanian Hound 10-14 Years
Treeing Tennessee Brindle 10-12 Years
Treeing Walker Coonhound 12-13 Years



Breeds that Begin With “V” Typical Life Expectancy
Vizsla 12-14 Years




Breeds that Begin With “W” Typical Life Expectancy
Weimaraner 10-13 Years
Welsh Springer Spaniel 12-15 Years
Welsh Terrier 12-15 Years
West Highland White Terrier 13-15 Years
Wetterhoun 13 Years
Whippet 12-15 Years
Wire Fox Terrier 12-15 Years
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon 12-15 Years
Wirehaired Vizsla 12-14 Years
Working Kelpie 12-15 Years



Breeds that Begin With “X” Typical Life Expectancy
Xoloitzcuintli 13-18 Years


How long do dogs live in general?

The lifespan of dogs varies greatly, and how long a dog can live will depend on a variety of factors. A dog’s lifespan will depend on its breed and genetics, as well as how well it’s cared for throughout its life. On average, a dog will live between eleven and twelve years.

About 20% of dogs will live to be fourteen, and 10% will see their fifteenth birthday. Not all breeds of dogs will live into old age. The life expectancy of larger breeds is significantly less, with Great Danes only expected to live between six and seven years.


How long is a dog year?

You may have heard people say that one dog year is equivalent to 7 human years. This would mean that a five year old dog is 35 years old in human years. This makes sense, as if a dog lives to be twelve years old, he will be in his eighties at the end of his life.

This calculation is just a bit of fun, and in a lot of ways, it doesn’t mean anything or make much sense as breeds differ widely in their longevity. Dogs are also very different to people, as they will grow and mature at a different rate.

What’s more important than age in years is your dog’s health, happiness, and energy levels. It’s better to live a full and active life that’s slightly shorter than to live to be very old if the dog is unhealthy, inactive, or even in pain.


Factors that Influence the Life Expectancy of a Dog

Healthy dogs are much more likely to live longer than dogs that are unhealthy. Your dog’s health will be dependant on his breed and genetics to some extent, and as an owner, you won’t have control over these things. When buying a new puppy, you should ensure that you get your dog from a reputable breeder. Many health problems are inherited, such as hip dysplasia, and good breeders will take steps to ensure that their puppies won’t inherit health issues.

There are also many aspects of your dog’s health and wellbeing that you will have control over. Your dog is dependant on you to make healthy dietary choices for him. Don’t feed your pet treats that are meant for humans, as many foodstuffs are toxic to dogs. As a responsible pet owner, you’ll need to ensure your dog has a healthy diet, gets enough exercise, and goes to the vet when he needs to.

Studies show that dogs who are obese are at significant risk of developing health problems such as cancer, which will shorten their lives. Obesity can also cause cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Therefore, controlling your dog’s diet will help him to lead a longer life.


The Longest and Shortest Living Dog Breeds

The table below shows the average lifespan of different breeds of dogs.


Longest living

The longest living breeds include Bearded Collies, Border Collies, and Tibetan Spaniels. Terriers also generally have good health as they are robust and long living. Breeds such as Fox Terriers and West Highland Terriers are likely to live at least thirteen years.

Miniature and toy dog breeds have the longest lifespan, with some living up to seventeen years. These breeds include miniature Dachshunds as well as miniature and toy Poodles.


Shortest lifespan

Large dog breeds have shorter lifespans, with some breeds of dogs only living an average of six or seven years. Dogs such as Great Danes, Bloodhounds, Mastiffs, and St Bernard’s generally live less than seven years on average.



There are many things to consider when choosing a breed of dog that will suit your family’s lifestyle. Many people look at the longevity of the breed when choosing a puppy. Dogs can live anywhere between six and seventeen years, with larger breeds living slightly less than average.

Genetics will play a part in your dogs’ longevity, as will factors such as diet and exercise. To ensure your pet has a long and healthy life, you should provide good quality nutrition and enough exercise.