German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Dog MixChances are if you’ve made your way to this page, wolf ownership is something that you’ve considered.  Many people who are considering wolf ownership end up researching the German Shepherd Wolf mix.

The ideas is to mix the good parts of the Shepherd to (hopefully) temper the wild instincts of the Wolf.  They share 99% similar DNA.  It’s not so much they physical differences as much as it is what man has bread out of the wolf that makes the difference in them.  While this mix is more easily dealt with than a straight wolf, it’s should be treated just the same.

It is illegal to own these dogs in many states, so check you local laws before purchasing or adopting one.  These animals should always be treated with the same respect you’d show a wild wolf.  They really aren’t meant to coexist with humans

The domestic dog is the product of thousands of years of selection.  Man has literally bred the wild tendencies out of the wolf over countless generations.  The breeding of a German Shepherd with them is like injecting all of that instinct right back into them.



They have a very strong will to hunt.  This makes other small pets, such as cats, bunnies, or even small dogs easy targets.  Other animals are not safe around them.  When left to themselves, wolf dog hybrids can will get into trouble.

They will exhibit very destructive behavior when bored (this is all the more true when they aren’t given a satisfactory amount of time to run and burn off their copious amounts of energy).  It can’t be overstated enough exactly how much you’ll need to exercise these dogs.  If you don’t, there’s just going to be so many problems.

Also, they can spend most of the night howling, so you may wish to speak with your neighbors first before committing to ownership.

They love to explore and if allowed would wander miles from their home with little effort.  Wolves also keep a big territory and will naturally want to patrol it in order to protect their boundaries.

Here’s a video that shows how these dogs behave at home.  It’s pretty interesting.  It gives you an idea of what they would be like in your home when they are being good (although they need to be outside almost all of the time).


There is a reason that these dogs are illegal in some places.  They are wild and unpredictable.  There have been many incidents where the German Shepherd Wolf mix has killed children.  Never under any circumstances should you allow your children to go unattended around these dogs.  They are more aggressive than any normal domestic dog, and when they feel threatened, they will attack.

Only the most experienced dog handlers and wild animal experts should handle these animals.  It is so important to keep the animal thinking that you are the alpha to it.  If you don’t there can be real problems.  The German Shepherd wolf hybrid will challenge you for dominance.  This will feel like an unprovoked attack to someone who doesn’t have experience with wolves

Here is an article on one such incident.  There’s no images in it.  But, it’s still painful to read about these these things.  It was the family pet.


German Shepherd Wolf Mix Puppies

When the wolf dog is a puppy they will appear to be gentle and playful like any dog pup.  It’s only as they grow into adulthood that they begin to show their aggressive tendencies.

Not all wolf dogs are created the same.  It’s really important to find a good breeder.  Since there is not a breed standard, the character of a pup is going to vary greatly. If they won’t let you interact with both parents of the pup you are considering picking up, than that’s a huge red flag.  There really is no breed of dog that you can properly compare them with due to the influence of the wolf.


Health Concerns

The German Shepherd wolf hybrid is note prone to any particular health concerns.  The fact that they are a hybrid (or let’s be honest here, mutt) means that they are way less prone to health problems than many purebred dogs.   There are considerable health benefits to owing a mutt.  Here is a good article on it:

health benefits of being a mutt

Although they are pretty tough, and don’t have any sort of genetic issues, they still need to get their shots.  Before you call on a veterinarian, make sure that they understand that it’s a wolf dog that they will be treating.  Some of them may not wish to deal with them.  Others may wish to come out and treat a German Shepherd wolf mix on site.

Ideal Living Conditions

Wolf dogs are going to need to spend most of their time outside.  Unless you live in a really hot climate they aren’t going to need any air conditioning.  They aren’t just going to sit around the house for most of the day like a Labrador.  According to Mission Wolf, wolf dogs need at least an acre of land to roam on.  They even have a nice formula for calculating how much more land you’d need over at their site.

Wolf dogs love to have a source of water for them to enjoy.  They love to swim for pleasure and to cool off.  It’s very important


As far as fencing goes, it’s an absolute must.  The dog must not be allowed to roam free.  With its high prey instinct, it’ll end up massacring your neighborhood wild animal population.  You’ll need a fence, and it’ll need to be built high.  At least eight feet tall.

You’ll also need to run concrete or steel barriers underneath the fence in order to keep the animal from digging its way to freedom.  German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent.  They are one of the few dog breeds that will try to do something different every time until they get the result that they want.  So one day they’ll try and hop the fence.  The next day they’ll attempt to dig, and it just keeps going.



The wolf has a high prey instinct.  So, a protein rich diet is a must.  They have not adapted to eating dog food in large quantities. In the wild, Wolves eat tons of moose, elk, rabbits, deer, and tons of other wildlife.

Although wolf dogs are not like most dogs in many respects, one thing that they do have in common is that you don’t want to change their food suddenly.  So, if you happen to get one that has been eating dog food most of its life, don’t just switch it to raw meat.  You’ll shock the system. This is uncomfortable for the dog, and it creates quite the mess.

The main ingredient in most dog foods is corn, or some other form of grain.  Wolfs and wolf dogs aren’t able to handle the carb rich mixture that is common in normal dog food.  Here’s a good article on that’ll help you understand what’s in normal dog food.  Much like our own food, it’s an unnatural combination of items that would never be found in nature that way



German Shepherd Wolf mixes do shed a lot.  Although with their disposition, they are much more suited as a dog that spends most of its time outside.  If you are concerned about how much you would have to groom them.  They shed about as much as a Labrador, but the fur is a little more course.



Wolf and dog hybrids are trainable.  They are incredibly intelligent.  But, they are also super stubborn.  You’ll need to exercise copious amounts of patience in order to get them what you would like to do.

With every breed, it’s important to maintain yourself as the Alpha pack leader.  But, with the wolf dog it is extra important.  These dogs are just not going to listen to you if they don’t see you as the position of authority in their lives.


Human Interaction

It is very important to keep in mind that these animals are never 100% domesticated.  You should always treat them like a wild animal.  This means that you should approach them on their terms.  Don’t just walk up to one and expect it to greet you like a common dog would.  If they don’t want anything to do with you at the time it’s best to just slowly walk away.

These animals really do a lot of their communication with their mouth. If you’ve ever had a young retriever that just wanted to bite on your hand for everything, than you know what I’m talking about.  They



Normally when I type up one of these pages, my goal is to provide you with information that will help you decide what kind of dog is best for you and your family.  My goal is to do that without really injecting my opinion.  But, I’m going to break from that format and ask you to consider just getting a normal dog.

A Husky or German Shepherd will be a much better dog for you and your family.  That’s really not an opinion as much as it is a fact.  These dog’s are just to unpredictable.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and nothing will ever happen.  But, it very well might happen.  Is that a chance that you are willing to take?