How Big is a Mini Dachshund at 8 Weeks: Size Revealed!


Dachshunds, affectionately known as “Doxies,” are popular pets due to their unique appearance and lovable personalities. Among the different types of Dachshunds, Miniature Dachshunds are especially sought after for their smaller size and adaptability to various living spaces. Owners new to Mini Dachshunds may wonder how big their adorable new pet will be at eight weeks, which is a crucial stage in a puppy’s life.

At eight weeks old, Miniature Dachshunds typically weigh between 2-4 pounds and measure around 7-8 inches in length. It’s important to note that there can be variations in size, and some puppies may be smaller or larger than the average. Keep in mind that while puppies grow at different rates, monitoring their growth and development is essential to ensure they grow into healthy, happy adults.

Key Takeaways

  • Miniature Dachshunds generally weigh 2-4 pounds and measure 7-8 inches in length at 8 weeks old
  • Puppies may vary in size due to factors like genetics and diet
  • Monitoring your puppy’s growth is essential for a healthy and happy life.

Mini Dachshund Size at 8 Weeks

At the tender age of 8 weeks, a Mini Dachshund is yet to reach its full potential in terms of size and weight. Nevertheless, these tiny pups are already showing characteristics that distinguish them within the Dachshund breed.

Let’s delve into some specifics about the Mini Dachshund size at this adorable stage. Generally speaking, an 8-week-old Mini Dachshund will weigh around 5 pounds. Of course, this can vary slightly depending on factors like genetics, diet, and activity levels. But rest assured, your little Doxie is growing just as it should.

In terms of height, these adorable puppies will typically be measuring around a humble 4 to 6 inches tall. By the end of their growth period, Miniature Dachshunds will reach a weight of around 11 pounds or less, and stand about 5 to 6 inches tall at the withers.

Now let’s have a quick discussion about their proportions – who doesn’t adore those unique Dachshund traits? Mini Dachshunds are already starting to display those long bodies, tiny legs, and big floppy ears we all know and love. Their little legs may be small, but don’t be fooled – these pups are certainly capable of keeping up with the big dogs!

Lastly, it’s essential to remember that a Mini Dachshund’s growth is not just physical but goes hand-in-hand with their mental and social development. As they continue to grow and explore the world around them, Mini Dachshunds will form bonds and display their unique personalities.

And there you have it! At 8 weeks old, your Mini Dachshund might be tiny, but they’re well on their way to becoming the charming little sausage dogs we hold so dear to our hearts.

Factors Affecting Mini Dachshund Size


One of the main factors that play a significant role in the size of your mini dachshund at 8 weeks is genetics. Mini dachshunds puppies are likely to grow to be around the same general size as their parents. Each puppy can inherit traits from both parents, so knowing your mini dachshund’s parentage can help you better anticipate their eventual size.

Nutrition and Diet

Another crucial factor affecting your mini dachshund’s size at 8 weeks is their nutrition and diet. Proper nutrition is essential for ensuring healthy growth in puppies. Feeding the appropriate amount and type of high-quality dog food that meets the nutritional needs of your mini dachshund can significantly impact their growth and overall well-being.

To maintain proper growth and weight, consider the following aspects of their diet:

  • Ensure they’re eating a balanced diet with adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals
  • Feed the appropriate quantity of food and refrain from overfeeding
  • Stick to a consistent feeding schedule
  • Make adjustments to their diet according to age, activity level, and weight


Last but not least, exercise is another factor that can influence the size of your mini dachshund at 8 weeks. Regular physical activity plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy muscle tone and weight for your dog. Mini dachshunds are energetic and require a reasonable amount of exercise to keep them happy and fit. Daily walks, playtime, and mental stimulation all contribute to your mini dachshund’s healthy growth and development.

Remember that although 8-week-old puppies may have bursts of energy, they are still growing and developing, so it’s essential to strike a balance between exercise and rest to prevent overexertion.

Growth Expectations

Growth Stages

Mini Dachshunds, like all puppies, go through various growth stages. At 8 weeks old, a mini dachshund typically weighs about 5 pounds. Their size will depend on factors such as genetics and diet, but in general, they are small and adorable, with their long bodies and short legs already visible.

During their first year of life, you can expect mini dachshunds to grow at a steady pace. The growth rate might not be linear, with some weeks showing more noticeable changes than others. Regardless, watching your mini dachshund puppy grow is a delightful experience.

  • Week 1 to 8: In their first two months, mini dachshunds grow from a tiny pup to a miniature version of an adult dachshund. Expect those endearing long ears, soft and snuggly fur, and pudgy body as they begin to explore their surroundings.
  • Month 3 to 6: In the following months, mini dachshunds will continue to grow and develop, with growth spurts occasionally causing a sudden increase in size.
  • Month 7 to 12: Growth tends to slow down as the mini dachshunds approach adulthood. By the end of their first year, they usually reach their maximum size and weight.

When Do They Stop Growing

Both standard and miniature dachshunds are known to stop growing when they hit the age of 12 to 18 months. This timeline can vary depending on the individual dog and factors such as genetics, diet, and overall health.

At their full size, a standard dachshund often weighs around 32 pounds (14.5 kilograms), and a mini dachshund weighs around 11 pounds (5 kilograms). Adult mini dachshunds are typically less than 11 pounds and maintain a compact, elongated body that is both cute and low to the ground.

Remember to monitor your mini dachshund’s growth and consult with your vet if you have concerns about their size or development. Proper care and nutrition will play a significant role in ensuring a healthy growth pattern for your beloved mini dachshund.

Importance of Monitoring Growth

how big is a mini dachshund at 8 weeks

Monitoring the growth of your Mini Dachshund is essential to ensure their overall health and well-being. In this section, we’ll discuss why it’s important to keep an eye on your puppy’s growth and cover a few key areas to focus on.

Health Conditions

Mini Dachshunds, like any other breed, can experience a variety of health conditions throughout their lives. It’s important to monitor their growth closely, as any unexplained changes could be indications of underlying issues.

For example, a sudden halt in growth or excessive growth can be signs of health issues that need veterinary attention. Monitoring your puppy’s growth helps you detect and address these issues early on, improving the likelihood of successful treatment and a healthy life for your pup.

Avoiding Obesity

Proper nutrition and weight management play a crucial role in maintaining your Mini Dachshund’s health. Being overweight can put unnecessary stress on their joints, bones, and organs, leading to a myriad of health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

Paying close attention to your Mini Dachshund’s growth ensures that they are progressing at a healthy rate and helps you adjust their diet accordingly. Regular vet check-ups, combined with your own observations, will help maintain your pet’s optimal weight.

Remember that a healthy Mini Dachshund pup is a happy one. By keeping a vigilant eye on their growth, you’ll not only ensure their well-being but also create a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

Caring for a Mini Dachshund at 8 Weeks

At eight weeks old, Miniature Dachshund puppies typically weigh between 2-4 pounds and measure around 7-8 inches in length. In this critical stage of your puppy’s life, it’s essential to give them proper care and attention. This section will discuss feeding guidelines, socialization, and training for your 8-week-old Mini Dachshund.

Feeding Guidelines

At 8 weeks, your mini dachshund needs proper nutrition to support their growth and development. You should feed them a high-quality puppy food specially formulated for small breeds. The food should be divided into three to four meals a day to maintain a consistent eating schedule. Make sure to monitor their weight and adjust the serving size accordingly. Overfeeding or underfeeding can lead to health issues.


Socialization is essential for all puppies, and the process should start as early as 8 weeks old. Introducing your Mini Dachshund to various people, animals, and environments will help them grow into a well-adjusted and confident adult dog. Keep each social interaction short and positive, rewarding your puppy with praise and treats when they exhibit good behavior. Expose them to different sounds, surfaces, and experiences within your home, neighborhood, and at puppy socialization classes.


Training should also begin at 8 weeks of age. Mini Dachshunds are known for their intelligence and strong-willed personalities, which can make training a bit challenging, but it is crucial to start early and stay consistent. Focus on basic obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “down.”

Use positive reinforcement techniques with treats and praise to encourage good behavior. Make training sessions short and enjoyable, and always end them on a positive note. Keep in mind that early crate training and housebreaking can help build good habits and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average weight of an 8-week-old miniature dachshund?

At eight weeks old, Miniature Dachshund puppies typically weigh between 2-4 pounds. However, it’s important to note that there can be variations in size, and some puppies may be smaller or larger than the average.

What size should a mini dachshund be at 8 weeks?

An 8-week-old Miniature Dachshund should measure around 7-8 inches in length. But keep in mind, each pup is unique, so slight variations in size may occur.

How quickly do miniature dachshunds grow between 8 and 12 weeks?

Miniature dachshunds go through a period of rapid growth during the first 12 weeks. The exact rate of growth varies across individual pups; however, you should notice your mini dachshund becoming visibly larger and sturdier during this time.

How to track my mini dachshund’s weight and growth?

To track your mini dachshund’s growth, it’s a good idea to weigh them weekly and keep a record of their weight in a journal or spreadsheet. It’s also helpful to take pictures of your pup every week to document their physical development. You can consult with your veterinarian about appropriate weight milestones and raise any concerns you may have during your pup’s check-ups.

Are there size differences between male and female mini dachshunds at 8 weeks?

The size differences between male and female mini dachshunds at 8 weeks are minimal, so it might not be easy to determine the pup’s gender based on size alone. However, adult male dachshunds might be slightly larger and heavier than females on average.

What factors can impact a mini dachshund’s growth during the first few months?

Several factors can impact a mini dachshund’s growth during the first few months, including genetics, diet, and exercise. Ensuring your pup receives a balanced diet, including proper nutrients and portion sizes, is crucial for healthy growth. Regular exercise and playtime are also essential for their physical and mental development. And, of course, consult with your veterinarian about your pup’s needs, as they can provide tailored advice based on your mini dachshund’s individual circumstances.