How long should I walk my husky? [A LOT]

Huskies love their ‘walkies!’ Many owners wonder how long they should walk their husky for. Huskies are a large energetic breed of dog that would best suit an active family. They love to go for long walks and should also be given plenty of opportunities to run around and play outdoors. Huskies can become aggressive or develop other behavioral issues if they don’t get enough exercise.

If you own a husky and are wondering how long a walk your pet needs, read on. This article will tell you all about the exercise needs of a husky. We’ll also answer the question, ‘How long should I walk my husky puppy?’

A Husky Should Be Walked A LOT

How Long Should a Husky be Walked

Huskies are a working breed of dog that were traditionally used to pull sleds in snowy areas. They are energetic and love to go for long walks, and also enjoy running. Huskies need a lot of exercise.

Huskies are a very high endurance breed; they are energetic and resilient dogs that require look walks. It’s recommended that you walk your husky for between two and three hours a day. Huskies can also run long distances and, with training, can run as much as 125 miles a day. The average pet husky can easily run between ten and twenty miles a day, so you should ensure your pet gets enough exercise.

When walking your dog, you can also encourage your pet to run by running alongside him or playing fetch. How long you need to walk your husky will depend on his age and energy levels. Older huskies require less exercise and will happily walk for one hour a day.

You can choose to take your husky for one long walk or break it into two or three shorter walks that are spread out throughout the day. Most husky owners walk their dogs in the morning and the afternoon or evening. The breed should also have time to play outside in the yard throughout the day. Husky’s that aren’t walked for long enough will become restless and may even try to escape or indulge in destructive behaviors.

How long should I walk my husky puppy?

How Long to Walk a Husky Puppy

You can use a simple calculation to work out how long you should walk your husky puppy for. A Husky puppy should walk for between one and two minutes for each week of its life. If you have a twelve-week-old husky puppy, you should walk him for between twelve and twenty-four minutes.

It’s a good idea to keep your puppy’s first walk short as you don’t want to overwhelm him. This is especially true if you live in a busy area. Remember that there will be many new sights and smells for your dog. Many vets recommend taking your puppy for a fifteen minute walk on the first outing.

Don’t encourage your husky puppy to run long distances, as this could damage the joints. Husky puppies’ joints and bones are developing, and you should avoid unnecessary strain. If you want your husky to run alongside you, it’s best to wait until your pet is at least six months old before you start training.


Huskies are a very energetic breed of dog that should be walked for between two and three hours a day. Huskies were originally bred as working dogs and, given the opportunity, will walk and run all day long. They have a lot of stamina and would best suit an active family.

Husky puppies should be walked for one or two minutes for each week of their life and shouldn’t be encouraged to run long distances until they are at least six months old.

Husky do require a lot of exercise, and new owners should be aware of this before taking on a puppy or older dog. Many huskies end up in rescue centers as they become aggressive, restless, or develop behavioral issues due to lack of exercise. If you like the look of a husky but feel that you don’t have time to walk it for long periods, you may like to consider a husky crossbreed. There are many husky cross dogs available, which are smaller, require less exercise, and are easier to handle.