Large Hybrid Dog Breeds (5 Great Choices)

Are you searching for the perfect dog for your family? Perhaps you’re wondering which breed would best fit in with your lifestyle? Nowadays, it seems like there’s so much choice when it comes to breeds of dog. Your partner will likely want one type of dog while the kids will be insisting that a different breed is the best.  If you’re looking for large hybrid dog breeds, we’ve got you covered.

Many families have two or three kids who all love different breeds. You may think that it’s impossible to keep everyone happy and that you’ll never agree, but the solution could be more straightforward than it first appears. Many breeders are mixing dog genetics to create a hybrid dog.

large size hybrid dogs

If your family’s struggling to agree on what breed of dog to choose, read on. This article will look at some of the most popular large hybrid dog breeds. We’ll also look at the benefits of choosing a hybrid dog.  You may also be interested in our guide to small hybrid dogs.


The benefits of a large hybrid dog breed

Dog breeders will cross two or three different dog breeds to create a dog that has more desirable character traits.

Many hybrid dogs are crossed to create a pet that’s hypoallergenic. This is achieved by breeding one dog with a poodle to create a pet that has fur that doesn’t shed, and that is less likely to cause allergies. If you’re searching for a large hybrid dog breed that’s hypoallergenic, you may like to consider choosing a puppy that has one parent that’s a standard poodle.


What is the best large hybrid dog breed?

If you’ve decided that a large dog would be best for your family and are looking to narrow down your search, you may like to consider one of these large hybrid dog breeds.


1. Labradoodle

large hybrid dog breeds

The Labradoodle is bred using a Labrador Retriever and if you’re looking for a large dog, a Standard poodle. Labradoodles can also be bred using a Miniature or Toy Poodle to create a smaller dog. These great dogs are very energetic and playful. They make great family pets and get on well with children. Labradoodles would best suit an active family with older children. They are very active and energetic and may accidentally knock young children over.

Labradoodles have become very popular pets that were initially bred to be guide dogs for people with allergies. They have a life span of between 12 to 14 years.


2. Goldendoodle

A Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog that’s created by breeding a golden retriever and a standard poodle. Golden Doodles were also a breed that was created to be used as guide dogs and assistance dogs for those who have allergies. They are large dogs that are gentle and loving. While they do require enough exercise, they are also fairly laid back and have a life expectancy of between ten and fifteen years.

Goldendoodles love to be part of an active family and will join in with everything the family is doing, whether that’s running, swimming, or playing fetch or hide-and-seek. They are very friendly, smart, and loyal and are relatively easy to train.


3. Pitsky

big hybrid dogs

The Pitsky has been bred by crossing an American Pit Bull Terrier with a Husky. These dogs are large yet loving. They make excellent pets as they are so devoted to their owners. Pitskys require plenty of exercise, otherwise, they can become destructive. They can also become very hyperactive and need access to a yard and plenty of walks and playtime.


4. St. Berdoodle

This breed is very cute as a puppy but grows into a large dog. Granted, they are not as big as a St. Bernard, but are considered a medium to large sized dog. The Berdoodle is a cross between a St. Bernard and a standard poodle. This breed has hypoallergenic fur, is exceptionally protective as well as being a loyal and fun-loving family pet. They make great guard dogs and will protect their owners at all costs.


5. Goldador

large hybrid dog breeds list

The Goldador is a big dog that has a big personality. The breed has become very popular in recent times and is a cross between a golden retriever and a labrador. These dogs are large and playful. They’re also friendly and sociable and get on well with children and other smaller pets.

The Goldador is very active, needs plenty of exercise, and is always ready to play. In the past, this breed would have been considered a mutt, but today they have become very popular and are considered a designer dogs, which has led prices to skyrocket.



As you can see, there are many large hybrid breeds that are cute and make excellent family pets. Any crossbreed that contains standard poodle will have hypoallergenic fur. If you decide that a large dog is right for your family, you’ll need to ensure that your pet gets plenty of exercise and playtime. These large hybrid dog breeds are best suited to active families that have a yard.