All About the Moyen Poodle

The Moyen Poodle is a medium sized dog breed that fits between the standandrd and miniature poodle size. They have the same great temperment as standard poodles in a smaller size, and make a great family pet.

In Europe, this size Poodle is called the “Klein Pudel”. They are still relatively new to the United states and are not yet a recognized by the American Kennel Club as a distinct breed.

Breed History and Standard

The Moyen Poodle, or klein poodle as it is sometimes called, has been around since the mid-19th century. Originating from Central Europe and Germany, this small to medium-sized dog was bred both as a lap dog and a working dog. They were used for purposes such as truffle hunting, herding, and even guarding property.

The breeding stock that is in the United States has not been here long and most of them come from Russia, Germany, or Finland. That can make tracking them down rather difficult, as there are not a lot of breeders in the U.S.

The Poodle has always been associated with France. These dogs have long been associated with their culture. Moyen Poodles probably came from Asia, and have more of a German heritage than French. There is a bit of a dispute as to which country developed the poodle. But, according to the AKC, Germans developed the poodle.

Moyen Poodle Size

Moyen’s are medium sized poodles.

What makes a Poodle a Moyen is their size, not their coloration. Since there is no AKC standard on what EXACTLY makes a Moyen a Moyen, below are what are considered to be the standard by most breeders. One breeder may say they start at 20 pounds, and another will say 18.

If you are looking for a safe size so you don’t get a dog that is universally recognized for being in the Moyen/Klein size range, look for a medium poodle in the 20 to 30 pound range.

Here are the requirements for a Poodle to be considered a Moyen or Klein:

  • They must be between 15 1/2 to 20 inches tall from ground to shoulder.
  • They will typically typically weigh in between 18 pounds and max out at 32 pounds.

Moyen’s typical life expectancy of a Moyen is anywhere between 12 and 15 years of age.

Moyen Klein Poodle

Moyen Poodle Temperament

Moyens are terrific, loving, and highly intelligent dogs. They are very high energy. A lot of people who don’t know poodles assume that because this dog has something of a high class mystique, that they won’t really need to burn off a lot of energy. They do. Behaviorally, the Moyen/Klein Poodle is no different than any other type of Poodle.

Because Moyens are so intelligent, they are really easy to train. Poodles are eager to please and love demonstrating to their handlers that they understand what is being asked of them.

Moyens make for terrific companions for the family. They are good guard dogs. They are alert and will make sure that you know someone has approached the home. Poodles are not the best security dogs because they are not quick to be on the attack. Although, I had one who really distrusted people in hats. He always acted like he would attack people in hats. I adopted him. I always wondered what someone in a hat did to him….

Poodles love the water. It’s in their name. As mentioned above, Poodle literally translates to “puddle jumper” in German. But they do more than just jump in and have a great time. Although they are not really what people think of when they think of bird dogs, Moyen Klein’s make for fantastic dogs to take birding.

Grooming a Moyen

Grooming a Moyen

Moyen Poodles have curly coats tthat need a lot of attention. They are a non shedding breed, so although they won’t litter your floor with hair, Moyen’s need bathing, cutting and grooming quite often.

You really get out what you put in regarding the quality of their coat. It can really turn into a knotty mess if ignored.

There are so many different thoughts on what constitutes a good haircut for a poodle. I like to keep them at one consistent length. Other people prefer the classic pom pom look. They all look fantastic.

The video below is great for those who want to try and give your Moyen Poodle a haircut. The hair is pretty easy to cut, but there are certainly best practices that will keep you from hurting the dog and will provide the best results.

Brushing a Moyen Poodle

Since poodle hair is curly and doesn’t shed, they can get into a knotty mess. You’ll need both a slicker brush and a comb in order to properly brush a poodle. That’s the bare minimum. A mat splitter and rake would also be nice in order to get the mat out of the fur.

You’ll use the slicker to brush the top layer smooth. There’s much more to grooming a Poodle than the top layer of fur. After you get the top hair smooth, there will be more knots and tangles in the under fur. Use the comb in order to get them out.

At this point you’ll get to only the matted fur that won’t brush out. You can begin to battle them out with the mat splitter and/or rake. This gentleman made a great video covering how to properly brush out a poodle. He explains it better than writing ever could. Take a look.

Moyen Poodle Breeders and Price

Moyen Breeders can charge a premium for a Moyen Poodle over normal poodle types. You should be prepared to spend north of $2000 for a good one. They can go all the way up to $3000. Before spending this much money for a dog, make sure that you have a vet sign off on their health. Think about it like going to buy a car. It would be wise to have a mechanic check it out

When buying and dog from a breeder, make sure that you do your due diligence. Here are a few must do items. If the breeder isn’t cool with any of this, it may be a sign that you need to walk away:

  • Interact with the puppies parents and see their paperwork.
  • It is important to get a guarantee of health that protects your investment from being lost from a sickly dog. Typically, you and the breeder will agree upon a mutual
  • You should be allowed to come down and visit the dog that you are considering purchasing.

Here is a great resource from the AKC that covers all of this and more. It is important to protect yourself when investing in anything. An animal is certainly no exception.

Red Moyen Poodle

Red Moyen Poodle

Red Moyen Poodles are really hot right now. They are also the rarest of the Moyen’s, or any other Poodle right now. Red is a relatively new development for the breed in general. As such, they often command a premium over other more established colors.

Health Concerns

Although they are not as established as other poodle breeds, Moyen’s don’t have any health concerns that are specific to them. Poodles in general have quite a few health issues. Here are some common health concerns that poodles in general have:

  • Cataracts– Poodles are notorious for getting cataracts, they can appear as early as three years old. Many poodles are blind at the time of death.
  • Allergies– Poodles are known to suffer from many allergies. I think this has a lot to do with how often they are bathed, and more importantly, the chemicals that some people use to get them to hold their color.
  • Hip Dysplasia– Poodles are very prone to this expensive and painful disease.

Here is a great list of all the common poodle health problems:

Wrapping up

Poodles are wonderful dogs. They can adapt to many different types of living conditions. They are intelligent, loyal, and great with kids. The Moyen size adds another terrific option to those who are considering Poodle ownership. There is no downside that is specific to this size.

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  1. Looking for a Moyen poodle – female. Not all white or all black. Prefer brown but look at anyone.

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