Can Dogs Eat Spam?

Can Dogs Eat Spam

Spam is one of the more commonly purchased grocery items throughout the world. There may be a situation where your dog has gotten into it and you may be wondering if dogs can even eat spam. Spam will not poison your dog outright, but it is very high in salt and should be avoided. You … Read more

Is Ketchup Bad for Dogs?

As boring as it may be, there are tons of posts on this site about human foods that dogs can eat.  Of all the different foods on here, nothing has a greater chance of being paired with something else.  Ketchup is everywhere, that’s why it’s important to know whether or not it’s bad for dogs. … Read more

Trifexis vs. Comfortis: What are the differences?

trifexis vs comfortis

Trifexis and Comfortis are both great choices for a dog owner who wants to prevent fleas.  They both share the same primary ingredient, Spinosad.  Spinosad is taken orally and found in many flea preventatives.  Both Trifexis and Comfortis are taken orally. Once administered, either of these medications take about four hours to kick in.  They … Read more

Can I Give My Dog Midol?

Can Dogs Eat Midol

While there are some pain medications for dogs, it’s not a good idea to give them the human medication anyway, especially Midol. The biological differences between dog and man are vast. It’s vital that you speak with your veterinarian and get their recommendation of what’s best for your ailing dog. Medication treats the symptoms of … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Raw Yams?

Clarity becomes important when coming up with a written review targeting a certain audience. What Americans or some people from other countries call yams might be known differently in other regions such as Africa, the Caribbean or South America.  Especially in America and Europe the names ‘yam’ and ‘Sweet potato’ are interchangeably used when conversing … Read more