How to Paper Train a Dog

People paper train a dog in hopes that they will learn to go potty in one particular section of the house. It is very nice for people who don’t want to leave a puppy in a kennel for a few hours, elderly people, and apartment dwellers with dogs. The name paper training alludes to the dog using the restroom on newspaper.  This is still completely fine, and people do it all the time.

Paper Train Dog

Many people though have switched to using puppy training pads.  The advantages of these are that they don’t usually leak through to the other side, even after a long day of work.  The other thing about them that is nice is that they absorb odor quite nicely.  Understandably, not everyone wants to spend the money on something like that, but there it is if you are interested.


Establish the Area

You’ll need to create the target area.  Puppies will theoretically want to us the restroom in the same spot repeatedly, so if they’ve already got a spot you may wish to start there.  You’ll also want to make sure that the area is not carpeted.  Hardwood floor is ok, although urine can ruin it if not handled in a timely manor, or if it’s not properly treated.  Urine can also get into the grout of tile flooring as well.

The ideal situation would be if you had somewhere with a laminate floor that is relatively disposable.  I would suggest going to the store and getting something like plywood, cutting it down to the area that you want and putting your paper on top of that.  You’ll protect your flooring in the long run.


Getting the Bog on Board

You can set up the perfect area and the dog may refuse to cooperate.  Dogs are particular creatures and may not jump on board the idea of paper training.  My mother has a Maltese and he took to it like a duck to water.  You’ll need to get some poo.  Just follow your best friend outside and collect one of his specimens like you would for the veterinarian.  After you’ve acquired it, you’ll want to take it to your paper and gently rub in a little of it on there.  The dog will than begin to recognize that as “his spot” and use it accordingly.  This works very well if you are paper training a dog that is housebroken.

If you have a dog that is not housebroken, you’ll need to try another method.  Find one of his favorite places. and set up shop there.  Cast a very wide net in order to ensure that the dog is actually using that space.  Then, begin minimizing the space as they get used to going on the paper until they are left with a section that is large enough for the to make a very tight circle on.

Reinforce the Message

The great thing about dogs is that they want to please you so bad.  That is what makes them so versatile and easy to paper train.  When you see your doggie going to the restroom on the spot that you have set up for them, make sure that you reward the heck out of them.  Going to the restroom where they live is not the most natural thing for a dog, but if they get the idea that you are completely ok with it they’ll come around pretty quick.

You are going to need plenty of patience (and all purpose cleaner) to get the dog properly trained.  So, make sure that you have plenty of treats and patience.  You’ll have your best friend using the restroom exactly where you want them to in no time.  Below is a decent video of this concept, if you’d prefer to watch instead of read.  Also, here is a great link to the humane society that’ll help you with training basics.


Why Paper Train a Dog?

Paper training a dog is not going to be most people’s go to move, but it does have it’s place in many homes and situations.  If you have to be gone for an extended period of time one or two days a week, it can be a great fit.  It can be very stressful to be away from home thinking about how the dog is just dying to go out, and they are being so good and not going in the house.  I’ve had times where something is keeping me from getting home and my dog is howling to go out the second I cross the threshold.  Now, I’m proud of her that she hasn’t gone, but I’d actually feel better if I knew that she went in the house.  It must be miserable sitting there with a full bladder.

Certainly, we can all agree that letting your dog go outside is preferred.  Dogs love to be outside, and going to the bathroom there is completely natural.  That being said, there are many elderly people who have a hard time getting out on a consistent basis.  If paper training can let them keep a dog around, than that can’t be a bad thing.