Petsmart Grooming Academy

Petsmart offers a wide range of pet grooming services.  Many people are a little nervous about bringing their dog there because it is a corporate chain.  Their concerns are probably unfounded.  In fact, it’s very reassuring for the consumer to know that the person has passed some sort of background check and vetting process.  There is a combination of built in customer base, fantastic training, and generous commission that make Petsmart a compelling choice for someone who wants to get into grooming.  Petsmart refers to their groomers as pet stylists, and their training program as Petsmart grooming academy.

Petsmart Grooming Academy

How to Get into Petsmart Grooming Academy

Petsmart’s grooming academy is a great avenue for those looking to get their foot into the grooming world.  According to their website, their career progression goes like as follows:


  1. You’ll begin as a bather. Bathers do the dirty work of any salon.  It is a thankless job, but it gets you close to the action.  You’ll pay your dues just like you would learning to groom anywhere.  It is an entry level position with no prior experience required.
  2. After you have done this for a minimum of sixty days, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is groomer trainee. The groomer trainee will attend the grooming academy program, where they will learn grooming techniques and their practical application.
  3. After attending the grooming academy you will be a full fledged groomer at Petsmart. They pay the standard 50% commission that a normal salon would pay.
  4. You’ll have the opportunity to run your own salon, where the commission will increase to 60%


Why Choose to Train at Petsmart?

The Petsmart grooming academy will provide you with the appropriate fundamental training to groom properly.  You will have a grasp on how to handle all breeds when you get onto the floor.  While training at a smaller local salon can be nice, Petsmart gets a heavy load of clients.  This gives you the opportunity to make some serious commission.  You don’t have to worry about advertising yourself.  You don’t have to worry about health insurance.  There really are some advantages to working with a large chain!  They line em’ up, you knock em’ down.


Drawbacks of Training with Petsmart

They will provide you with the proper training to be a groomer, but they do require that you sign a two-year commitment to work for them.  That can be a long time to do something that you’ve decided that you don’t really like.  Although, you probably should have figured that out while you were working as a bather.  It does appear that they will let you work in the store doing other tasks if the grooming job doesn’t work out for you though.  They do take there no compete seriously though, so just read that contract seriously before signing it!


It’s a win for consumers!

Petsmart offers extremely flexible hours, with appointments often offered all the way till 9 o’clock at night. They have many locations.  There is probably one nearby.  Since they are a large corporation, you’ll find that the way that they do things is standardized across the country.  This means that they can expect a similar result when you ask for a particular part of service, no matter where they may happen to be.  They can rest assured that they are getting a groomer who has gone through the same training program known as Petsmart grooming academy.

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