Service Dog Laws

Registering a Service Dog

You absolutely do not need to register a service dog in the United States of America.  The rules and regulations of a service dog are governed under the laws set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Be very wary of websites that want you to register your dog for money.  You do not need to do this.  When you take your service animal into a public business your word is good enough  They don’t need to be wearing any sort of a harness.  In fact, the law only allows the business owner to ask two questions, and that is only if they feel that it is not obvious that the dog is a service animal.

  1.  “Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?”
  2.   “What work or ask has the dog been trained to perform?”

So, really you don’t need to register a service dog at all, but you really should acquire an intimate knowledge of the law.  The ADA does not grant carte blanche to do just take a dog into a business and proclaim it a service dog.  There are clear expectations that they have concerning what they expect from the dog and handler.   Here are some reasons why a dog to be excluded from the premises.  There are many more.  again.  Please read the ADA in it’s entirety.

  • If the dog gets out of control, and the person handling it can’t get it back under control, than it may be exluded.  The handler is either the person that the service dog assists, or it can be a third party who handles the dog on behalf of the
  • If the dog isn’t housebroken, again it must be excluded from being a service dog.
  • If you go to the zoo, the dog may be excluded from the places that it is either considered predator or prey to the other animals.

There are many terms and conditions regarding what you can or can’t do with your service dog.  Just keep in mind that you don’t owe anybody any sort of papers to prove that you have a service dog.  So, keep the law in mind and don’t let people refuse you service.