The Best Small Hybrid Dogs (9 Great Choices)

Many people like small dogs as they are easy to care for, are often less energetic, and require shorter walks. Smaller dogs are great if you live in an apartment and are searching for a dog that will fit in with your lifestyle.  We’ve compiled this list of the best small hybrid dogs to help you decide which breed would be a good fit for you.

Breeders have created many small hybrid dogs to get the best characteristics from each of the parents. Often miniature or toy poodles are used to create small hybrid dogs. Breeders use these poodles as they will have puppies that will stay small even when fully grown. A poodle hybrid will also have fur, which is hypoallergenic, making them great for people who suffer from allergies.

If you’re looking for a small breed of dog which will fit in with your family’s lifestyle, read on. This article will look at the best small hybrid dogs available.


What are the best small hybrid dogs?

There are many benefits to choosing a small hybrid dog; they are perfect for families with young children. A smaller dog will be less bouncy and intimidating for young children. Smaller hybrid dogs are also suitable for first-time dog owners.

Here are some of the best small hybrid dogs available; you may like to consider these breeds when deciding which dog is right for you. Many hybrid dogs have cute little faces and curly coats. Although these breeds are small, they have lots of energy and big personalities.


1. Maltipoo

Best Small Hybrid Dogs

If you’re looking for a cute family pet that’s relaxed and happy, you may like to consider the Maltipoo. This little dog is a crossbreed that has been bred using the Maltese and either a miniature or toy Poodle. These small dogs are active and always happy to play or go for a walk.  A Moyen/Klein poodle is also a good choice if you’re looking at this dog.

They are perfect for apartment living and get on well with children. They don’t require much exercise making the breed a nice pet for the elderly. The Maltipoo is a small hybrid, which is an excellent choice for first-time dog owners.

Maltipoos are affectionate, and like a cuddle, they have a coat similar to a poodle, which is hypoallergenic and barely sheds. Maltipoos often suffer from separation anxiety and can be clingy. They don’t like to be left alone for too long.


2. Jug

hybrid jug dog

You may not have heard of the jug; this breed is a Jack Russell and Pug hybrid. These dogs have floppy ears and are relatively low maintenance. Their coats can vary and will be wiry or smooth. Jugs are active little dogs that can be tenacious and strong-willed. Jugs have a scrunched face like a pug but are less prone to respiratory issues. They are friendly and socialize and get on well with children and other pets. A jug would make a good family pet for those who already have other animals.


3. Peekapoo

Top small hybrid dogs

This dog’s name may bring a smile to your face, but it is a real dog. The Peekapoo is a breed that’s been created using a Pekingese and either a miniature or toy poodle. The breed varies in size depending on which type of poodle has been used in their genetics.

Peekapoo’s are very gentle and loving. They are also loyal, eager to please, and dedicated to their family. While Peekapoo’s do need enough exercise and love being active, they are also happy to snuggle up for a cuddle and be a lap dog for part of the day.


4. Schnoodle

The Schnoodle is another poodle crossbred that can be bred using either a miniature or toy poodle. Like the Peekapoo, Schnoodles vary in size. This hybrid breed is very intelligent and easy to train. These canines are perfect for first-time dog owners as they are happy, friendly, and loyal.

Schnoodles are often referred to as being “forever happy.” They can fit in well with family life and get along with children and other pets.


5. Yorkipoo

The Yorkipoo is a confident little dog that’s small but has a larger than life personality. This hybrid dog is a combination of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Miniature Poodle.

These little dogs are laid back and easy going. Although they love attention and are friendly, they are less demanding than many small breeds. The Yorkipoo makes an excellent companion dog for anyone who’s active and enjoys walks.

These dogs are intelligent and are great for people with allergies as they are hypoallergenic. They have an attractive wavy coat that doesn’t shed.


6. Dorkie

Dorkies are fun and entertaining; they make a great choice of dog for children and get on well with other dogs and smaller pets. Dorkies are very gentle and caring. The Dorkie is a little hybrid dog that has been bred using a Dachshund and Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs have a lovely long coat, which is thick and wavy.

The breed is well suited to apartment living as they don’t need much exercise. However, they do need a short walk each day and should have time outside to play regularly. Dorkies can be a bit stubborn, like the dachshund but are also very smart and are trainable.


7. Cavapoo

Cavapoo’s have a lovely curly coat and are a gentle breed. They are often described as being like a teddy bear. Cavapoos are created by breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a miniature or toy Poodle. The breed is hypoallergenic but sheds moderately and requires regular grooming. They have nice personalities and are family-oriented. Cavapoos’ are friendly and sociable; they make excellent pets for children.


8. Chiweenie

Another breed that you may not have heard of is the Chiweenie. This is a cross between a Dachshund and a Chihuahua. These pint-sized pets are excellent companions for children as they have a happy go lucky attitude and are active and low maintenance. Some Chiweenies can be hard to train.


9. Dameranian

The Dameranian is a loyal little dog who enjoys being part of the family. These dogs are a hybrid of a Dachshund and a Pomeranian. They generally have long thick coats and require grooming. These dogs are moderate shedders and may not be suitable for those with allergies. They range in color from a dark brown to light tan or white.

Dameranians are loving and sociable; they love to play and are good with children. The breed is also very intelligent and are generally fairly easy to train as they want to please their owners. Like Dachshunds, some Dameranians do have a stubborn streak and need to be shown who’s the top dog.


Conclusion:  Best Hybrid Dogs

There are many small hybrid dogs that make excellent first-time pets. Many breeds can be crossed with a miniature or toy poodle to create a small dog that looks cute, has a curly coat, and is allergy-friendly. The above breeds are excellent for families with young children and are friendly and playful.

When choosing a ‘poo’ dog, you should check with the breeder which type of poodle has been used in the puppy’s genetics. Dogs that have been bred using a miniature poodle will grow up to be bigger than those who have a toy poodle parent. If, on the other hand, a standard poodle has been used for breeding, you’ll end up with a much larger dog.

If you’re planning to get a dog, you may also like to consider adopting one from your local animal shelter. Many lovely dogs end up in rescue centers, and you may find the perfect pet for you!