The English vs American Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a very popular breed of dog that are owned by many people worldwide. The breed is well-known for its friendly personality and lovely coat. There are two varieties of golden retriever, the American Golden Retriever, and the English Golden Retriever.

If you’re thinking of getting a Golden Retriever puppy, you may be wondering which is best, an English or American Golden Retriever. Both breeds are very similar and make fun, loyal pets, which would best suit an active family. There are also a few differences between these varieties.

This article will compare and contrast the English and American Golden Retrievers. We’ll tell you all about the similarities and differences of these two dogs and help you decide which dog is best for you.


English vs. American Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was initially bred as a hunting dog in Scotland. The breed was naturally good at retrieving game. Golden Retrievers are popular as they are very intelligent and obedient as well as loyal, playful, and fun to be around.

The original breed was mixed with other breeds, and many different Golden Retriever varieties were created. Nowadays, the two most common types of Golden Retrievers are the American variety and the English cream golden retriever. These two varieties are very similar; however, there are also slight differences in the appearance of these two dogs.


The American Golden Retriever

American Golden Retriever

Historically American Golden Retrievers were slightly different from the British variety as Americans had slightly different hunting styles and thus bred a slightly different dog. American Golden Retrievers are slightly longer and taller than the English variety. The American Golden Retriever has a high prey drive and a dark golden to deep red coat.


The English Golden Retrievers

English Golden Retriever

The English or British Golden Retriever is common across Europe. This dog is physically smaller than the American version and has a lighter coat color. The coat is generally a light golden to almost white color.


English vs American Golden Retriever: Similarities

These two variations of the breed have many differences, but they are also very similar in some ways. Both dogs are very sociable and are good with children and other smaller pets. They are also both very intelligent and loyal and can even be used as guide dogs, assistance dogs, or search and rescue dogs. They are both very energetic and require enough exercise daily.

The English and American Golden Retrievers are an excellent choice for active families with children. Both dogs are playful well into adulthood and get along well with children.


English vs American Golden Retriever: Differences

English vs American Golden Retriever

There are a few differences between the English Golden Retrievers and American Golden Retrievers, mainly their coats’ color. The English golden retriever is available in a very light or even white color. American golden retrievers are a lot darker and can be dark brown or a dark golden to red color.

The two breeds also have some differences in their temperament. English Golden Retrievers are generally calmer than their American cousins. American golden retrievers are very energetic. It is easier to train an English Golden Retrievers as they are calmer and generally pay more attention, which means that they learn more quickly.  There’s also significant differences between male vs female golden retrievers.

There are also some differences in the shape of their bodies; English golden retrievers have a box like head. The American variety has a head shaped similar to a fox. Both dogs have large rounded eyes, with the American dogs’ eyes being a dark brown color. English Goldens Retrievers have medium to dark brown eyes.


Health and Life Expectancy

The American and English Golden Retriever commonly suffer from similar diseases and health problems. They are both likely to have arthritis or joint problems in later life, and the breeds can inherit a condition known as hip dysplasia.

American Golden Retrievers are more prone to developing cancer. A very high percentage of American Golden Retrievers end up dying due to cancer. It’s estimated that around 60% of American Golden Retrievers will have cancer, compared with 38 percent of English Golden Retrievers.

English Golden Retrievers have a slightly longer lifespan than American Golden Retrievers. The American variety is likely to live for about ten years, while the English dogs can live up to twelve years.


Which Breed is Best?

In the end, it will come down to personal preferences whether you decide to get an American or an English Golden Retriever. Both these varieties are relatively similar in temperament and appearance. They are both lovely dogs that make a nice family pet.

The main difference between the two breeds is a slightly different body shape and variations in coat color. American Golden Retrievers are slightly larger than the English version. If you would prefer a golden retriever with a dark golden coat, an American dog may be for you, whereas if you prefer light coloring, go for the English variety. Both these dogs are very kind, gentle, and loyal. They are fun, sociable, and obedient.

Many people prefer English Golden Retrievers as they are slightly calmer and are therefore easier to train. They make a great first time dog for the novice owner. English Golden Retrievers are also less likely to develop cancer and have a slightly longer life span than their American cousins.

However, if you’re looking for a very energetic hunting dog that has a high prey drive and is able to work all day, the American Golden Retriever may be a good option. These dogs are commonly used for search and rescue or as a retriever when hunting.


Conclusion:  English vs American Golden Retriever

If you’re looking for a fun and energetic pet for your family, you may like to consider both the English and American Golden Retrievers. These dogs are both playful well into adulthood and are good with children.

Hopefully, after considering these differences and similarities, you’ll be able to choose a dog that’s suitable for you. It often comes down to personal preferences which type you choose.