What is a Dry Mouth St Bernard?

Have you heard the term dry  St Bernard? Are you wondering what a dry mouth St Bernard is? The term dry mouth St Bernard refers to a variation in the breed rather than a health condition that makes their mouth dry.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, you may be wondering whether it’s best to get a dry mouth St. Bernard. This article will tell you all about the benefits of owning a dry mouth St Bernard.


The Dry Mouth St Bernard

Traditionally St. Bernards have long lips known as drools, which are caused due to the shape of their heads. This hanging down of their lips means that the breed cannot keep saliva in their mouths. As a result, they will drool a lot. If you own a St Bernard’s with drools, you will frequently have to wipe it’s mouth and find that the dog dribbles a lot.

Having a large dog in your home that dribbles constantly is off-putting for most people. For this reason, changes have been made to the breed, and a variation has been created known as a dry mouth St. Bernard. The dry mouth variety has a mouth like any other dog and won’t drool. Often these breeds have been created by crossing St Bernard’s with other large breeds of dog.

When many people think about getting a Saint Bernard, it is the dry mouth variety they aspire to own. With modern breeding techniques, a crossbreed has been created that ensures minimal drooling.

St Bernard breeders aim to achieve a dog that has a slightly narrower and longer muzzle. Although modern breeders have started to alter the St. Bernard’s breed standard, they have created a more appealing dog. Dry mouth St Bernard’s appeal to those who love the look and good qualities of a St Bernard but who can’t stand the excessive drooling.


The Benefits of a dry mouth St Bernard

As mentioned above, the main benefit of a dry mouth St Bernard is that it won’t dribble all over your home. The dog will also have all the positive character traits of a standard St Bernard.

St. Bernard is very loyal and affectionate. Although they are a large breed, they are very gentle and make a great family dog. The breed does well with small children but requires plenty of exercises, so it would best suit an active family. St Bernard’s are generally quiet dogs that make great companions. They are often used as therapy dogs and in search and rescue missions.

If you choose to get a St Bernard, it’s crucial to begin training from an early age. This will ensure that your dog can obey instructions. As the breed is enormous, it’s crucial that your pet is well trained. You don’t want to end up with a large dog that’s disruptive or has temperament issues.


Is a Dry Mouth St Bernard Right for My Family?

Taking on the care of a St Bernard puppy is not something that should be taken lightly. If you’re just looking for a large dog that can keep up with you on your morning long-distance runs, a St. Bernard may not be the dog for you. It’s important to note that St Bernard’s requires a lot of care, attention, and grooming. You’ll need plenty of time and patience to care for a St Bernard’s correctly.

Although St. Bernard’s drooling may be a concern, when searching for a breeder, it shouldn’t be your main priority. It’s best to concentrate on other factors, such as the dog’s temperament. Find a breeder who has worked hard to ensure that the dog’s fundamental traits have been achieved before they’ve attempted to change the breed’s look.

New owners of dry mouth St. Bernard’s often overlook the fact that their new puppy will grow up to be a massive dog. Before getting a puppy, it’s essential to ensure that you’re prepared for this fact. Make sure that you’ve had plenty of interaction with a fully grown St. Bernard. Try groom a St Bernard, walking them, and also attempt to put the dog in the back of your car. These activities will help to give you an idea of what it will be like to own a dry mouth St Bernard.



Dry mouth St Bernard’s are more attractive to potential owners as they dribble a lot less than the standard variety. You should, however, consider other factors when deciding whether a St Bernard is the right breed for your family.

Only take a St. Bernard puppy home when you’re satisfied that you will be able to care for the dog correctly. Some breeders will adverse their puppies as a dry mouth st Bernard while others will call them a st bernard. It’s only by looking at the puppies and parents’ mouth that you can tell whether the puppy you plan to purchase is a dry mouth variety or not.