What to Do with Dog Collar After Death: A Few Practical and Comforting Choices

Pet loss is an emotional and challenging experience for any pet owner. When you lose a beloved pet, it’s natural to want to honor their memory and find ways to keep them close to your heart. One way to do this is by deciding what to do with your dog’s collar after their death.

What You Can Do With the Collar

In this section, we’ll explore a few solid options for handling your dog’s collar after their passing. We’ve got you covered, whether you want to keep it as a treasured keepsake or repurpose it in a unique way.

  • Keep it as a keepsake: Many pet owners choose to keep the collar as a reminder of the bond they shared with their dog. Consider displaying it in a shadow box or alongside a framed photo of your pet.
  • Transform it into a piece of jewelry: Get creative and turn your dog’s collar into a beautiful piece of jewelry. This could be a bracelet, anklet, or even a necklace that allows you to keep your pet close to you.
  • Donate or pass it on: If you’re ready to let go of the collar but still want it to serve a purpose, consider donating it to a local animal shelter or giving it to a fellow pet owner.
  • Create a dog toy: Another option is to repurpose the collar into a toy for another dog, either your own or a friend’s. This way, the collar continues to bring joy and comfort to other animals.
  • Incorporate it into a portrait or memorial: A painted portrait of your dog, with the collar prominently featured, can be an endearing tribute to your late pet. Alternatively, hang the collar near a memorial spot in your home or garden.

It’s essential to respect your feelings and choose the option that makes you feel the most comfortable and at peace. There is no right or wrong answer – just remember that honoring your pet’s memory is what truly matters.

Memorializing Your Pet Through Their Collar

The loss of a pet is an emotional experience, and finding ways to preserve their memory can be comforting. By using your dog’s collar, you can create various memorial pieces that are both beautiful and personal.

Photo Frames

A simple yet touching way to remember your pet is by creating a photo frame that incorporates their collar. Choose a lovely photo of your pet and place it in a frame that has enough space to display their collar around the border.

This digital photo frame can serve as a constant reminder of the love and memories you shared with your beloved pet.

Memory Box

A memory box is another excellent way to memorialize your pet. Collect items that remind you of your pet, like their favorite toys, leash, and, of course, their collar.

Arrange these items in a sturdy, decorative box that can be displayed in your home or stored away for safekeeping. Each time you open your memory box, you’ll be reminded of the special moments you shared with your pet.

Shadow Box

A shadow box can be a more artistic approach. Select a deep frame, then arrange your pet’s collar, a photo, and any other meaningful items within.

You can use fabric or colored paper as a backdrop to create a visually appealing display. The shadow box can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf, serving as a beautiful tribute to your fur baby that can be admired by family and friends.

Explore these options to create a heartfelt memorial that honors the bond between you and your pet. Keep their memory close and cherish the love and joy they brought to your life.

Making Jewelry From Dog Collars

When it comes to repurposing your dog’s collar after their passing, creating jewelry can be a meaningful way to keep their memory alive.


Transforming your dog’s collar into a bracelet allows you to carry a piece of them with you wherever you go. To make a bracelet, you can either reuse the collar itself by trimming it down to the appropriate wrist size, or remove the hardware such as buckles, D-rings, or charms and incorporate them into a new design with additional materials like leather or beads.


Creating a necklace can also provide comfort by keeping your beloved pet close to your heart. Simply remove the desired hardware from your dog’s collar and attach it to a chain or cord of your choice. Some creative ideas include:

  • Tags: Attach your dog’s ID tag or a customized memorial charm to a necklace chain.
  • Fabric Collars: Weave the fabric from your dog’s collar into a pendant or braided design.
  • Leather Collars: Craft leather pieces from the collar into a wearable pendant or adornment.


If you prefer something more practical, consider turning parts of your dog’s collar into a unique keychain. You can:

  • Use the collar’s buckle as the main keyring attachment,
  • Create a small, braided loop from the collar’s material, or
  • Attach various charms and tags from your pet’s collar to a keychain.

Utilizing your dog’s collar in one of these creative ways can be a special tribute to your companion and a lasting reminder of the love you shared.

Donating the Collar to Animal Shelters

what to do with a dogs collar after they pass

Donating your deceased dog’s collar to an animal shelter can be a generous and heartfelt way to make use of the cherished item. Animal shelters often need collars and leashes, and your donation could make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

When considering a shelter to donate the collar, it’s important to research local shelters and rescues. Find an organization with a mission that aligns with your values and consider reaching out to them.

It’s often helpful to clean the collar properly before donating it. Ensure it’s in a usable condition and doesn’t have any signs of wear or damage that could compromise its safety. A clean and well-maintained collar is more likely to be accepted and appreciated by shelter staff.

Keep in mind that donations may be tax-deductible. Be sure to inquire about a receipt or proper documentation for your donation. This way, you can potentially get a tax break while also commemorating your beloved pet’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I repurpose my dog’s collar into a memorial item?

There are countless creative ways to repurpose your dog’s collar into a sentimental memorial item. Possibilities include turning it into a keychain, attaching it to a picture frame, or even creating a custom stuffed animal that incorporates the collar. Remember, the most important aspect is that the newly created item carries the memory of your beloved pet.

What are some ways to preserve my dog’s collar after their passing?

Preserving your dog’s collar can be done in several ways. One option is to clean and store it in a memory box with other cherished items from your pet. Another approach is to display the collar on a shelf or within a shadow box, helping you to keep their memory alive within your home.

Can I transform my dog’s collar into a piece of jewelry?

Absolutely! One popular option is to create a bracelet by wrapping your dog’s collar around your wrist and securing it with a clasp or chain. Additionally, you could repurpose the metal tags, buckles, or charms into a necklace pendant or charm. This can be a beautiful way to keep your pet close to your heart.

How can I incorporate the collar into a memorial garden?

Incorporating your dog’s collar into a memorial garden is a touching tribute to their memory. Consider hanging the collar on a tree branch, using it to encircle a planted memorial tree, or connecting it to a personalized garden stake. The choice is yours, and the resulting memorial will be a heartfelt way to remember your pet.

Are there any art projects that involve using my dog’s collar?

Yes, there are numerous art projects that can incorporate your dog’s collar. One idea is to create a painted portrait of your pet with their collar included in the artwork. Alternatively, you could fashion the collar into a wreath or dreamcatcher, or use it as a decorative border within a pet collage. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

What are some creative ways to display or store my dog’s collar?

Creative display options for your dog’s collar include placing it within a beautiful glass display case or hanging it in a decorative shadow box. Alternatively, you can weave it through the handles of a cherished pet photo album or affix it to the frame of a favorite photograph. Remember, the goal is to showcase the collar in a way that honors your pet’s memory and keeps them close to your heart.