When Do Brittany Spaniels Calm Down? + Calming Tips

A Brittany spaniel is an ideal companion for people looking for a loyal, loving, and energetic pup. Brittanys are known to be friendly and gentle dogs with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, making them great family pets.

Brittanys tend to mature more slowly than other breeds and can remain quite active until about two years of age.

What is a Brittany’s Energy Level Compared to Similar Dogs?

Brittany Spaniel Hyper

Most breeds in the Spaniel family are known for their high energy levels, but Brittanys tend to be the most energetic of them all. With good exercise and training, they can channel this energy into fun activities like fetching or agility.

Are Brittany Spaniels Always Hyper?

While Brittanys have a lot of energy, that doesn’t mean they’re always hyper. With the right training, they can be taught to control their energy, which in turn will help them relax and stay calm when needed.

At What Age Does a Brittany Spaniel Pup Calm Down?

Brittanys tend to mature more slowly than other breeds and can remain quite active until about two years of age. After that, they should start to settle down and develop an even temperament.

How to Calm a Brittany Spaniel

How to Calm a Brittany

While Brittanys have plenty of energy, there are steps you can take to help them stay calm when needed. Providing plenty of exercise, such as long walks and playtime, is essential to keeping them in check.
Additionally, setting clear boundaries, providing plenty of love and affection, and establishing a routine will help them remain calm.


A Brittany needs daily exercise to expend their energy and stay healthy. This can include long walks, playtime in the yard, or trips to the dog park.

They need exercise and mental stimulation. Learning to obey your commands is a fun way to exercise with them (fetch) and is good obedience training.


It’s important to set boundaries and be consistent with them. Establishing a routine will help your Brittany understand what is allowed, as well as what behavior is unacceptable. Make sure to show authority and establish yourself as the Alpha.
Until your Brittany is 100% housebroken, they should not be given free rein of the house.

Love and Affection

Brittanys are known to be loving and loyal, so providing plenty of love and affection will help them feel secure and calm. Make sure to spend quality time with your Brittany every day, cuddling or playing together.

Socialize Them Early and Often

Socializing your Brittany is an important part of their development. Exposure to different people and dogs will help them adjust to all kinds of situations. A non-socialized dog can become anxious or fearful in new environments.

Who is a Brittany Right For?

When Do Brittany Spaniels Calm Down

Brittanys make great family pets due to their friendly and gentle nature. However, they do require lots of daily exercise and attention to stay happy and healthy. If you have an active lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities, a Brittany Spaniel is an excellent choice.

Where is a Brittany Spaniel Not a Good Fit?

Brittanys are not recommended for people who lead sedentary lifestyles or those looking for a low-maintenance pet. They require plenty of physical and mental stimulation to stay happy, so if you don’t have the time, energy, or resources to keep up with them, a Brittany may not be the right breed for you.


The Brittany Spaniel is an intelligent, loyal and loving dog breed that can make a great companion. However, they do require plenty of daily exercise and attention to remain happy and healthy. With the right training and lifestyle choices, a Brittany can be an excellent family pet.

The number one thing a Brittany Spaniel needs to calm down is time and attention. These are the ingredients that will help them mature and learn how to manage their energy levels.
With plenty of exercise, love, and training, a Brittany can become an ideal companion for people looking for a loyal and loving pup.

They make great family pets when given the right environment to thrive in. It’s important to remember that Brittanys should not be left alone for long periods of time, as they need to interact with their family to stay calm and happy. With commitment and dedication, a Brittany Spaniel can be the perfect companion.