When do Corgi’s ears stand up?

Corgi’s are cute little dogs that originate from Wales and were bred as cattle herding dogs. They are robust and energetic. Corgis have small pointed ears that are rounded at the top. Corgi puppies are born with floppy ears, and as they grow, their ears will stand up straight. But at what age will this happen? And do all corgis have ears that stand up?

This article will answer the question, ‘When do corgi’s ears stand up?’ We’ll tell you what to expect from a Corgi puppies’ development.

Corgi owners can expect their puppy’s ears to start standing up at around two months old

Corgi’s ears

When do Corgis ears stand up

Corgi puppies have floppy ears which hang down by the sides of their face. In the first six months of life, the Corgi’s ears will change and develop. The ears generally start to stand up and grow upwards from between eight and twenty-four weeks of age.

Usually, a Corgi puppy’s ears will stand up on their own as they grow, but in some cases, they will remain floppy. Some owners tap their Corgi’s ears together to encourage them to stand upright and to help strengthen them.

Corgi owners can expect their puppy’s ears to start standing up at around two months old. For most puppies, the ears will be fully grown and standing tall by six months. The time frame can vary as each dog is different. Some Corgi’s ears will develop slowly, but they will eventually begin to stand up and will stay that way. By about four months old, a Corgi’s ears should be upright and mostly developed.


Taping a Corgi’s Ears

Taping Corgi's Ears

If you have a Corgi puppy, it’s best to seek advice from a vet about taping the ears. Most vets recommend that you wait until your puppy is at least a year old before taping the ears. It’s also crucial to carefully consider the tape you’re going to use. Don’t use tape that’s too adhesive, as this could damage the puppy’s ears. It’s also vital that you don’t tape the ears too tightly as this could distress the dog.

When taping a puppy ears, it’s best to use masking tape, as this isn’t too adhesive and will allow the puppies ears to move around. If you do decide to tape your puppy’s ears, you should give the ears a day off once a week. Taping a corgi puppy’s ears will help to increase the circulation in the ears and encourage them to stay upright in the long term.

It’s also worth noting that some Corgi’s ears are meant to be floppy, particularly if your dog isn’t a full breed Corgi. Sometimes Corgi’s are crossed with other breeds of dogs, and this may give them floppy ears, which will remain floppy into adulthood. It may be best to let nature take its course and decide where your Corgi has ears that flop or stand on end, rather than trying to force them to stand up.  This goes for the Teacup Corgi as well.



Corgis are born with cute little floppy ears that will grow and develop as they mature. A Corgi’s ears will start to stand up at eight weeks and should be fully developed by four to six months. Some dogs take slightly longer for their ears to stand up. Many owners use tap to encourage the ears to stand, but this is usually not necessary. It’s a good idea to check with your vet if your dog’s ears haven’t developed after a year. The vet will decide whether taping is necessary or whether you just have a floppy-eared dog.